Civil Filings Involving Sacred Heart Hospital Arising Out Of Unnecessary Procedures

Power Rogers | Apr 29, 2013

Civil Filings Involving Sacred Heart Hospital Arising Out Of Unnecessary Procedures
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Devon C. Bruce, Partner at Power Rogers, is pursuing lawsuits involving Sacred Heart Hospital’s kickback schemes.

A motion to preserve evidence was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County directed to Sacred Heart Hospital, and other respondents, to preserve and protect evidence concerning medical treatment rendered to the petitioners at Sacred Heart Hospital. This matter will be heard before Judge Rita Novak, a Judge at the Daley Center.

Earlier this month, a federal indictment was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois naming as defendants various physicians and officers of Sacred Heart Hospital. The federal indictment alleged that certain physicians and staff at Sacred Heart Hospital performed unnecessary surgical procedures and prescribed medications through an unauthorized physician in order to bill Medicare.

One of the petitioners who seeks to preserve and protect evidence, L.S., received medical care for an extended period of time by respondent, Dr. Kenneth Nave. Dr. Kenneth Nave was affiliated with Comprehensive Quality Inc. Foundation. Dr. Nave was the fifth physician named in the recent federal indictment. Dr. Kenneth Nave is alleged in the indictment to have been unauthorized to prescribe patients medications, but continued to do so.

The second petitioner who seeks to protect evidence, C.M., underwent multiple surgical procedures at Sacred Heart Hospital. One or more of these surgical procedures performed by the physicians at Sacred Heart Hospital was neither authorized nor medically necessary.

The petition to preserve evidence was presented and filed by Devon C. Bruce, a partner at the law firm of Power Rogers Mr. Bruce stated, “We want to preserve and protect this evidence as quickly as possible.” Mr. Bruce further stated, “I feel confident that the evidence will establish that Sacred Heart Hospital and Comprehensive Quality Inc Foundation were clearly negligent in the retention and continued employment of these physicians. These patients and many others like them should never have been subject to unnecessary medical procedures and treatment.”

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