Failure to Detect and Treat Abnormal Bleeding

Power Rogers | Oct 22, 2015

Failure to Detect and Treat Abnormal Bleeding
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In a number of situations, bleeding is a perfectly normal occurrence. In fact, it is expected. There are other times, however, when bleeding occurs in locations on the body or because of certain factors that are not normal and they can be confused as the expected bleeding. For instance, if a pregnant woman begins to bleed abnormally, this may be considered with early labor issues. There are other medical conditions — some serious — that can cause bleeding. When these conditions go undetected or untreated because of misdiagnosis, it can result in serious problems for the patient.

In another situation, individuals who undergo brain surgery may see normal bleeding as a result of incisions. However, if another part of the brain unrelated to the surgery begins to bleed, it can cause serious problems. Once again, this bleeding can be considered surgery-related and can be misdiagnosed or go untreated. This is an act of malpractice and the doctor should be held responsible for his or her actions.

Unfortunately, abnormal bleeding is, in fact, a problem that can cause long-term problems in the patient. Even worse, these conditions are often preventable with proper detection and treatment. Internal bleeding can be caused by a number of accidents and can affect a number of organs inside the body. Making sure these are diagnosed correctly is important as it could be the difference between a treatable problem and a serious medical condition.

If you or someone you love has suffered due to failure to diagnose or treat correctly, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim in order to seek compensation. By taking legal action, you can also help prevent this situation from happening to someone else and hold the doctor accountable. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Power Rogers know how to handle these cases and we aim to help you move forward with confidence. Schedule your free consultation today.

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