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5 Things Commercial Truck Drivers Can't Do

Truck AccidentMany drivers on the road are aware of the basic laws stating what they can and cannot do. Everyone must follow these laws. However, did you know that there are laws that drivers of passenger vehicles and commercial truck drivers share? There are also some that differ. Knowing and understanding these laws can go a long way in helping you. Truck drivers must strictly follow a specific set of rules to make sure they are safe on the roads.

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Driving While Texting

Just like in any vehicle, it is illegal for a commercial truck driver to text while driving. Unfortunately, due to the large size of a commercial truck, any distractions can cause the driver to lose control and a disastrous accident can occur.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving, while illegal for both commercial and passenger vehicles, holds stricter for truck drivers. In smaller passenger vehicles, the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08%. On the other hand, a commercial truck driver has a legal limit of 0.04%.

Driving Through Rest Breaks

Commercial truck drivers are required to adhere to a strict break schedule. Commercial truck drivers are limited to a maximum average work week of 70 hours. Within the first 8 hours on shift, the driver must take a 30-minute break. If a driver reaches the 70 hours in a single work week, they must rest for 34 consecutive hours, including two nights, before they can resume driving. There are also limits on the total for the day, including 11-hour daily driving and a 14-hour work day limits.

Exceed Specific Speed Limits

Certain highways require commercial truck drivers to drive at a speed lower than the normal limit. This is often done because there may be a steep grade or sharp turns and it is the best way to prevent an accident. Exceeding these speed limits is not just illegal, but also dangerous.

Drive Without Logging Travel Hours

Commercial truck drivers are now required to electronically log their work hours. This is to prevent them from driving while fatigued and maintain the safety of both the commercial truck driver, as well as other drivers on the road.

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