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Power Rogers Secures Largest Illinois Bicycle Accident Recovery

When motorists collide with cyclists on the roadway, the results can be devastating. Such was the case with one of our clients at Power Rogers, who was hit by a semi-truck while riding her bicycle. Our team was able to secure a $17.5 million recovery to pay for her medical expenses andprosthetic limbs –the largest recorded bike accident settlement or verdict and below the knee amputation recovery in the history of the State of Illinois.

Negligent Truck Driver Causes Amputation Injuries

Our client was cycling next to the curb when a negligent truck driver began to turn right without keeping proper lookout, causing our client to fall off her bike and into the path of the truck’s rear tires. Our founding partner Joseph A. Power Jr. represented the Plaintiff in this matter, along with attorneys James Power and Kurt Ensign.

Although the defendant’s team argued that the Plaintiff was not following appropriate bicycle etiquette at the time of the accident, Attorney Joseph Power proved that she was legally riding next to the curb, as there is no designated bike lane on the street where the collision occurred. Power also successfully showed based upon a videotape recorded from an adjoining building and a reconstruction expert that the truck driver accelerated during his right turn, failing to notice the victim’s bicycle in the process.

This animation is a warning to truck drivers to continually check their mirrors during a right turn from right to left to right, and to constantly monitor the right side of their truck to avoid striking a bicyclist or pedestrian.

During the accident, the Plaintiff’s right lower leg was crushed under the truck –she ultimately required a leg amputation below the knee. In addition to this serious and life-altering injury, she also suffered an arm fracture, a pelvic fracture, and severe road rash on her right side.

It can take several years to overcome the trauma of a car or truck accident. Whenever there is an amputation, that recovery time may be extended by decades. By seeking $17.5 million in damages for our client’s injuries, our attorneys helped to provide her with some measure of peace and security for the future. Now, she will have the chance to recover and move on with her life, without funding for future medical and prosthetic needs.

Get Groundbreaking Results for Your Case

Breaking records is what we do at Power Rogers. Offering strategic advocacy and effective legal representation for Chicago injury victims, our team has secured over $4 billion in verdicts and settlements over the years. Aside from winning the highest bicycle accident settlement or verdict in Illinois history, we also hold the record for the largest personal injury award given to a single family in another tragic truck accident case. Always on your side, we’ll fight to maximize your compensation when you’ve suffered life-altering injuries.

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