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Larry R. Rogers, Jr. is a trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience advocating for victims and helping people. As an equity partner at Power Rogers, L.L.P., Mr. Rogers, has successfully obtained numerous multimillion dollar settlements and verdicts in a variety of serious personal injury and wrongful death matters. Mr. Rogers has pursued cases against municipalities, healthcare providers, and corporate defendants whose wrongful conduct in aviation, medical treatment, transportation and trucking matters, as well as product liability and civil rights matters, has caused catastrophic injuries or even death.

High Profile Cases

He has been involved in numerous high-profile matters resulting from police brutality and civil rights violations in cities around the country, including St. Paul/Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cedar Rapids, to name a few. He was on the team of attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the investigation and pursuit of those responsible for the death of Sandra Bland, a Chicagoland resident who was found dead in a Texas jail cell after an unlawful traffic stop.

He represented the family of Bettie Jones who died December 26, 2015, the day after Christmas, when she and her neighbor, Quintonio LeGrier, were shot and killed on the west side of Chicago by a Chicago Police officer. He represented Diamond Reynolds and her young daughter who live-streamed the police-involved shooting death of Philando Castile on Facebook following a traffic stop just outside St. Paul, Minnesota.

Recognized for Impressive Case Results

Since 2018 alone, he has served as lead trial counsel in medical negligence, trucking, and excessive force cases which resulted in awards of over $100 Million, including $38.25 Million, $16 Million, $13.5 Million, $10 Million $6.0 Million, $5.5 Million, $5 Million, $4.6 Million, $4 Million, and $1.2 Million for injured parties and/or their families.

Mr. Rogers and the attorneys at Power Rogers have represented victims against some of the most powerful interests in the country and have been ranked at the top of their field, with 10 consecutive 1st place rankings from 2010 to 2020 in the Chicago Lawyer Annual Settlement Survey which ranks firms based on the results secured for their clients.

Associations & Community Involvement

In addition to his successful litigation experience, Mr. Rogers gives back as an active member of his profession and community. He has served as President of the Cook County Bar Association, the oldest association of African American attorneys in the country, and he remains active, as a regular sponsor of their monthly association meetings and events.

In June, 2020, he was installed as President of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, an association of attorneys dedicated to representing injured parties and their families. He is only the second African American to hold that office.

He is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates an invitation-only group of 100 trial lawyers from across the country admitted based upon their track record of securing multi-million dollar verdicts for their clients and their commitment to representing victims and fighting for victims' rights.

Mr. Rogers has been featured in a number of media forums including Good Morning America, NBC Chicago, the Chicago SunTimes and Tribune, and Crain's Chicago Business where he was recognized as one of the top trial lawyers of his generation.


Examples of settlements or verdicts in excess of $1,000,000.00 obtained in cases handled by Mr. Rogers include:

W. v. Transamerica, et al.

Settlement: $100,000,000.00

(1999) Products Liability/Trucking Negligence: Settlement as co-counsel for a Reverend and his family who lost six minor children in a van fire which occurred when a improperly trained and illegally licensed truck driver failed to properly inspect and identify a defective weld on a 90 lb. taillight housing which later fell from the trailer onto the roadway in front of the family's van, piercing its fuel tank, and causing a horrific fire that killed the minor children, ages 6 months to 13 years. Co-counsel, Joseph A. Power, Jr.


C.E.G. v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

(2023) Premises Liability: In February of 2023, Joseph A. Power Jr., James Power, and Larry Rogers, Jr. obtained a $91,000,000.00 recovery on behalf of an individual who lost both of his legs while standing outside of a 7-Eleven Store waiting for a ride to work when a vehicle pulling into one of the convenient store's forward facing parking spots accidentally crashed into the building, pinning PR's client up against the side of the building. The team at PR was able to prove that these types of incidents involving a vehicle accidentally accelerating and crashing into the building while attempting to pull into one of 7-Eleven's forward facing parking spots happens more than once per day. Based on this evidence, the team at PR was able to demonstrate that the frequency of these types of incidents placed a duty on the convenient store chain to install barriers for the protection of customers and pedestrians on 7-Eleven's property. Ultimately, the overwhelming evidence discovered and developed by the team at Power Rogers, LLP led to the nation's largest convenience store operator to pay what is the largest pre-trial settlement for a single plaintiff in the history of the State of Illinois.

Settlement: $91,000,000.00

M.T. v. Trucking Company

Settlement: $38,250,000.00

(2019) Trucking Negligence: This action arose out of a collision that occurred on September 24, 2017, on Interstate 80, near Mile Marker 29.0, in Chesterton, Indiana. The Defendant Driver, Individually and as an Agent and/or Employee of a local trucking company was driving a tractor trailer westbound on I-80 several vehicles behind Plaintiff's vehicle on the roadway. Suddenly, the Defendant Driver struck the rear of another tractor trailer, causing it to jackknife into the rear of the Plaintiff's vehicle, causing Plaintiffs vehicle to spin off of the roadway and onto the shoulder. Plaintiff, a 24-year old male, became trapped in the driver's seat of his vehicle from the collision and suffered a traumatic fracture of his spinal cord resulting in lower extremity paralysis.

Plaintiff was represented by partner, Larry Rogers Jr

B.J. v. City of Chicago

Settlement: $16,000,000.00

(2018) Police Shooting: On December 26, 2015, Plaintiff's Decedent, a 55-year-old Chicago resident, lived on the first floor at 4710 W. Erie in Chicago. Antonio LeGrier resided upstairs at 4710 W. Erie. Quintonio LeGrier, Antonio's son, was home for Christmas break. Quintonio was a 19 year old Northern Illinois University student. 911 tapes reveal that early in the morning on December 26, Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times in the minutes prior to his shooting, begging to have the police come to his father's house on west Erie for assistance for a domestic dispute. Antonio LeGrier, his father, also contacted 911 and officers were dispatched in response to his call.

Officer Robert Rialmo responded to 4710 W. Erie, along with Officer Anthony LaPalermo in response to a disturbance/check on the well-being call, with the offender armed with a bat. Upon arriving at the residence and ringing the doorbell, they were greeted by Plaintiff's Dececent. Decedent pointed to the stairwell and said that the disturbance was upstairs. At that time, according to Officer Rialmo, Quintonio LeGrier appeared holding an aluminum baseball bat. Officer Rialmo was backing down the stairs onto the front walkway away from the front door and drew his service weapon. Officer Rialmo then fired his service weapon in the direction of Quintonio LeGrier. Officer Rialmo never saw her relocate out of the vestibule into her apartment, and he fired his weapon directly at the doorway where he had last seen the Decedent. Officer Rialmo discharged his weapon at least seven times, and one of the rounds that Officer Rialmo fired, struck, and killed Plaintiff's Decedent. Officer Rialmo never gave her any alert or warning that he would be firing his weapon in her direction.

Plaintiff alleged that the forensic evidence showed that Officer Rialmo had created sufficient space between he and Quintonio and he was not in imminent danger of being struck by Quintonio's bat. Officer Rialmo discharged his firearm at least seven times at Quintonio LeGrier, striking him six times and she sustained a fatal gunshot wound to her chest. The force used by Officer Rialmo against Quintonio LeGrier resulted in Quintonio and Decedent's death. Plaintiff maintained that the force used against Quintonio LeGrier was not objectively reasonable and was contrary to generally accepted police practices and procedures.

Additionally, Plaintiff argued that Officer Rialmo gave Decedent no opportunity to position herself in a location where she would not be at risk of harm from him firing his weapon. Plaintiff alleged that Officer Rialmo took no steps whatsoever to ensure that Decedent, an innocent person, was not at risk of injury or harm from the firing of his weapon. Plaintiff maintained that the actions of Officer Rialmo contradicted generally accepted police practices and procedures and constituted willful and wanton conduct.

Plaintiff was represented by partner, Larry Rogers Jr., and associate, Jonathan M. Thomas

H. v. Dr. Lopes and Rush University Medical Center

Settlement: $15,707,050.19

(2008) Medical Negligence/Brain Injury: The Plaintiff was horribly brain damaged during a neuro-endovascular procedure where a cardiac stent was used in a non-FDA approved procedure to treat a brain aneurysm. Mr. Rogers established that the neurosurgeon and institution placed their desire to increase the number and type of procedures performed over the efficacy, appropriateness, and necessity of the procedure and that the patient's signs and symptoms of intra-cerebral bleeding were not timely recognized. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers Jr.

R. v. Seadog Ventures, Inc., et al.,

Verdict: $13,500,000.00

Reduced 20% to: $10,800,000.00

Offer prior to Trial: $3,000,000

Offer after Jury Selection: $5,000,000

Final Offer Prior to Verdict: $6,500,000

(2001) Negligence: The Plaintiff was run over by a commercial boat named the Sea Dog near Oak Street Beach in Chicago, Illinois. It was almost six weeks after the swimming season was over and the beaches were closed. Prior to this case the highest verdict for a below the knee amputation was $5,350,000.00. This verdict more than doubled the previous high in the State of Illinois for a below the knee amputation. Co-counsel, Joseph A. Power, Jr.

C. v. Union Pacific Railroad Co., et al.

Verdict: $10,430,617.92

Offer before trial: $ 1,600,000.00

(1998). Automobile Negligence: A 71 year old African-American man was injured on July 25, 1995 when a semi-tractor trailer owned by Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. and Union Pacific Railroad Co. pulled from a stop sign at a T-intersection in Northlake in front of a truck traveling eastbound in which Plaintiff was a passenger. He suffered a spinal cord injury which left him with incomplete paralysis in his arms and legs. Co- Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Sr.

Tarance T. Etheredge, III v. City of Chicago, Mark Heinzel, Robert McGee, and Joseph Perez

Settlement: $10,000,000.00

(2020) Plaintiff had been walking to work when he was stopped by two men in an unknown, unmarked vehicle. After realizing both men, as well as two additional others who joined pursuit, were officers with the Chicago Police Department, Plaintiff stopped running in a yard located at 1518 E. 77th St. One of the officers, alleging the Plaintiff had pointed a gun in the direction of another officer, fired four shots - one of which struck Plaintiff in the back, leaving him permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Investigations revealed that while Plaintiff had a firearm at the time of the incident, he never held the firearm or pointed it at any individual. Co-counsel Jonathan Thomas. Read More.

C. v. University of Chicago Hospitals

Settlement: $10,000,000.00

(2010) Medical Negligence: The mother of the deceased minor child delivered twins at 34 weeks at MacNeal Hospital by C-section. One of the twins was diagnosed with a respiratory problem known as esophageal artesia with lower tracheoesophageal fistula. They diagnosed the condition on 11/15/06, ran tests on 11/16/06 and told family that on 11/17/06 they were going to attempt to reattach the esophagus to the stomach and address a fistula between the esophagus and lung. The family was told it would be 2-3 hours surgery, but after waiting 6 hours, they still had not heard anything. Finally they were told the problem was more difficult than anticipated and that they were waiting a specialist. Plaintiff's investigation revealed that in fact a medical error occurred during the procedure. Instead of incising the fistula as intended, the surgeon transected the child's bronchial tube to the lung and caused the lung to collapse. After the surgery, the child was on a ventilator and hospitalized until he ultimately died from his injuries. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

T.C. v. Advocate Health & Hospitals Corp

Verdict: $8,050,000.00

(2022) Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice: The 59 YO patient presented to an outpatient Advocate Clinic with signs and symptoms of an upper respiratory infection and an abnormal pulmonary exam noting "mild congestion bilaterally." The patient was noted to have spent time with her father in a nursing home who had recently tested positive for MRSA. The patient was given a prescription for Azithromycin, an antibiotic that does not cover MRSA. Two days later, she presented to South Suburban Hospital with signs of an advanced pneumonia, which was later confirmed to be a MRSA pneumonia. Plaintiff argued that the abnormal pulmonary exam was indicative of a lower respiratory infection and necessitated the ordering of an x-ray to rule out PNA and that an antibiotic effective against MRSA had to be given. Advocate argued that MRSA-PNA is exceedingly rare and that Azithromycin is an antibiotic that covers the most common bacterial pneumonia agents. The patient was survived by her husband, who passed away 5 years later, and three adult sons.

A. v. Woodharbor Millworks, et al.

Settlement: $7,750,000.00

(2016) Trucking Negligence: The Plaintiff was struck and partially run over by a right-turning truck as she began to cross the street while on her bicycle. The Plaintiff suffered injuries to her pelvis and abdomen, requiring the use of a diverting colostomy which may or may not be permanent. Additionally, the Plaintiff suffered from symptoms of PTSD. The Plaintiff was unmarried and not working at the time of the collision. Lead counsel Larry R. Rogers, Jr. and second chair Kathryn L. Conway.

J. v. Dr. Carlton West, Michael Reese Hospital

Verdict: $7,000,000.00

Offer before trial: $1,600,000.00

(2007) Medical Negligence: July 10, 2000 orthopedic surgeon, Dr. West, performed left quadriceps tendon repair surgery on Glenn Jonson at Michael Reese. Mr. Johnson developed a pulmonary embolism after surgery and died two days later. He was survived by his wife, and four children. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

T.R. v. Chicago Area Hospital

Settlement: $6,000,000.00

(2019) Medical Malpractice: On February 2, 2016, 52 year old T.R. arrived at a Chicago area hospital around 5:00 pm with pain in her knee and no feeling in her foot. T.R. was brought to the emergency room by EMS paramedics after she slipped and fell on a patch of ice, complaining of an injury to her right leg causing 10/10 pain in the knee and limited range of motion in that leg. At 6:01 p.m., x-rays were ordered due to "concern for fracture/dislocation" with "pain in the knee and ankle." Ultimately, these x-rays revealed left distal medial femoral fracture and T.R. was medicated with Morphine. Throughout the night T.R.'s chief complaint was right hip and right leg and loss of feeling her foot and calf.

At no point did the emergency room orders address popliteal artery injury nor acute compartment syndrome. The x-rays questioned the possibility of an acute fracture of the medial epicondyle of the distal right femur. A fracture in this location is in close anatomic proximity to the popliteal artery (and vein) and would be a potential source for disruption of this vessel. Despite the potential fracture, no evidence for fracture immobilization was found prior to 1:32 a.m. the following morning.

At 11:19 p.m. the Hospital began to prepare T.R. for discharge. T.R. continued to complain of lack of feeling in her foot and calf and inability to walk. Another doctor examined T.R. and noted "patient with a left distal medial femoral fracture adjacent to the prosthesis and will discuss with Orthopedic." Again, the notes and orders did not address popliteal artery injury nor acute compartment syndrome. T.R. continued to complain of right leg swelling and that she was not able to move her right toes. At 2:03 a.m. T.R. had decreased foot sensation and faint distal pulse, at that point there began to be concern for compartment syndrome. At 2:06 a.m., T.R. was examined and found the right lower extremity swollen and firm, the dorsum of the foot was cool with faint DP pulse, and complaining of inability to move toes and with numb sensation. The medical records identify a "Concern for compartment syndrome. Consult to Ortho for eval". At 2:26 a.m., orthopedics was consulted to rule out compartment syndrome and immediately requested a vascular surgery consult due to T.R.'s posterior knee subluxation and vascular injury, now with compartment syndrome. At 2:45 a.m., vascular surgery assessed T.R. and recommended emergent revascularization, she was taken into surgery and was diagnosed with an acute right lower extremity ischemia with resultant right popliteal artery injury.

T.R. underwent an emergent right superficial femoral artery-to-posterior tibial-artery bypass and four-compartment fasciotomy of the right lower leg. For the next year T.R. underwent multiple debridements and surgical procedures in efforts to save her leg. However, T.R. continued to have persistent leg pain. Ultimately, on April 5, 2017, T.R. underwent right above the knee amputation.

Plaintiff alleged that the emergency room physicians were required to monitor for and rule out popliteal artery injury with occlusion and compartment syndrome based upon the mechanism of injury and signs and symptoms that T.R. presented with.

Plaintiff was represented by partner, Larry Rogers Jr., and associates, Jonathan M. Thomas

E.W. v. Central Illinois Area Hospital

Settlement: $5,500,000.00; this is the highest reported settlement in Kankakee County.

(2018) Medical Negligence: On December 23, 2012, 30-year old Plaintiff delivered her son, she and her son remained hospitalized until December 25th, at which time they were discharged. Almost two weeks later, On January 6, 2013 at approximately 10:42 a.m., Plaintiff presented to an area Hospital with complaints of chest and back pain, and her documented pain intensity was a 15 on a 1-10 scale. She was examined in the Emergency Department and her preliminary assessment and evaluation was for cardiac work-up. Multiple tests were performed which showed no abnormalities, a CT scan was ordered exclusively to evaluate the lungs for pulmonary embolism as opposed to the aorta for injury. She was diagnosed with "intractable chest pain - non-cardiac related." She continued to have complaints of severe chest pain over the next several hours; the pain was not relieved with analgesic therapy.

Upon admission at 3:16 p.m. she was reporting 15/10 pain and crying from the pain. Her admitting diagnoses at 3:27 p.m. were chest pain-intractable-non-cardiac related, hiatal hernia and s/p normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. She had continued complaints of severe substernal/epigastric pain with the intensity level a 10/10.

She continued to experience severe chest pain for several hours that went undiagnosed, untested, and untreated by the Defendants. Later that evening, she was found slumped over in bed and unresponsive. Resuscitative measures were ultimately unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at 8:12 p.m. A postmortem examination revealed that she died of a hemothorax due to a laceration of the aorta.

Given the Plaintiff's complaints of sudden, sharp, severe, chest pain that was non-to-minimally responsive to analgesic therapy, there should have been a high index of suspicion for an aortic abnormality and the Defendant physicians should have included such a condition in their differential diagnosis.

The Plaintiff was married and the mother to two daughters and a son.

Plaintiff was represented by partner, Larry Rogers Jr., and associate, Jonathan M. Thomas

T. v. Unnamed Cement Truck Company

Settlement: $5,500,000.00

(2014) Trucking Negligence: A 60 year old African-American woman was injured in killed while crossing Pershing Road southbound at Wells Street in her motorized wheelchair when she was struck by a cement truck whose driver was distracted by a young female pedestrian crossing from the opposite side of the street. Plaintiff was able to secure video footage and cellular telephone records to establish that the driver did not make a complete stop at the Stop sign and received text messages at the time of the collision. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

S. v. City of Chicago

Verdict: $5,000,000.00

Offer before trial: $ 0

(2009) Transportation Negligence: The plaintiff's decedent died when he was struck by a METRA train at a railroad crossing at 111th Street. Plaintiff alleged that the traffic control system did not function properly and authorized and directed the decedent to make a right turn onto the tracks when unbeknownst to him, a 60+ mph METRA train was approaching. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

J.M. v. Advocate Illinois Masonic, 14 L 10562

Verdict: $4,600,000.00

(2018) Medical Malpractice: A 70-year old female went into Advocate Illinois Masonic for a planned thyroidectomy due to the development of a massive goiter. During surgery, she suffered a stroke. Plaintiff alleged that the stroke was caused by deep anesthesia and resultant hypoperfusion to her brain. Defendants maintained that the stroke was embolic and caused by dislodged plaque due to manipulation of the right carotid artery in order to remove the massive tumor. The Plaintiff suffered weakness on her left side as a result of the stroke and required the use of a cane and/or walker to get around. She was already retired at the time of the stroke. There was a $100,000 offer prior to trial. The $4.6 Million verdict, included an award of $2 Million for emotional distress. Lead counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

P. v. MacNeal, et al.

Settlement: $4,350,000.00

(2011) Medical Negligence: A woman underwent bariatric surgery for weight loss. Following the procedure, her clinician failed to identify signs and symptoms of infection associated with a failed anastomosis. The Plaintiff almost died as a result of developing sepsis but recovered with minimal mental deficits following exploratory surgery and repair of the gastric leak. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

D. v. CTA

Settlement: $4,000,000.00

(2011) Motor vehicle Collision: Plaintiff's decedent was killed when a CTA bus failed to yield and made a left turn into a bus turnabout in front of the decedent as he operated his motorcycle northbound, allegedly at a high rate of speed. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

C. v. Unnamed Hospital

Settlement: $3,950,000.00

(2014)Medical Negligence: A 31 year old woman died a day and half following giving birth to her first child as a result of a pulmonary embolism. Plaintiff alleged that the decedent was at high risk for developing a pulmonary embolism and that the defendant physicians failed to provide anticoagulation medication to address her risk of developing a clot. The decedent was survived by her new born daughter and a husband who remarried after 3 ½ years. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

H. v. Airport Distributors, Inc., et al

Settlement: $3,750,000.00

(1997) Trucking/Automobile Negligence: On April 19, 1994 at approximately 12:05 a.m., the Plaintiff, age 56, was driving her car north­bound on Inter­state 94, the Dan Ryan, going to work at the United State Post Office. The Defendant, Preston Traylor, was driving an 18-wheel tractor-trailer owned by Defendants, Bootleggers Transport Truck Leasing, Inc., and operated by Airport Distributors, Inc., north­bound on Interstate 94, the Dan Ryan, to deliver the trailer to a warehouse in Elk Grove Village. At or near the point where the Dan Ryan crosses over 26th Street, the Defen­dant Preston Traylor collided with the rear of Delores Harris's vehicle. As a result of the collision, Delores Harris sustained the following injuries: cerebral vascular accident, right hemiplegia secondary to left sided vascular lesion on the brain and brain stem ischemia from either traumatic vertebral artery dissection, acceleration-deceleration due to blunt trauma or both. Plaintiff is confined to a wheelchair and re­quires assistance with mobility and all aspects of daily care and her speech remains impaired and unintel­ligible. Co-Counsel, Joseph A. Power, Jr.

M. v. County of Cook and Charles Orsay, M.D.

Verdict: $ 3,117,100.00

Offer at trial: $ 250,000.00

(2000) Medical Negligence/Wrongful Death: The Plaintiff sought medical treatment on July 28, 1994, at Cook County Hospital for a mass of tissue in his anus that was causing him pain and discomfort. At that time, he was diagnosed by a resident as having a sebaceous cyst, a benign, non-cancerous condition, and he was scheduled for surgery on August 12, 1994. On August 12, 1994, he underwent a surgical excision or removal of the "cyst," which was performed by Dr. Charles Orsay and a resident physician who was on a two month rotation through Cook County Hospital for training in colon-rectal surgery. In recording the procedure performed, the resident mistakenly confused Gerald Morley's procedure with that of another patient. When the pathology results from the microscopic analysis of the tissue came back indicating that Gerald Morley had cancer, the colon-rectal clinic employees relied upon the resident's mistake and attempted to inform the wrong patient that he had cancer. As a result, Gerald Morley did not learn that he had cancer for approximately five and one half (5 ½) months. The 5 ½ month delay in treating Gerald Morley's cancer allowed, what was described as a curable cancer to grow and spread to such an extent that it could no longer be cured. Mr. Morley died March 25, 1996. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

V. v. Positive Connections

Verdict: $3,100,000.00

Offer at trial: $1,000,000.00

(2012) Pedestrian/School Bus, Wrongful Death: On 2/12/2007, Plaintiff was struck and killed in a hit and run collision. She was walking in crosswalk when the school bus struck her in the intersection, and dragged her body under the bus for approx. 500 feet. She died at the scene. The actual accident was unwitnessesed, but a post-occurrence, a pastor heard a scream and aw the body come out from under the rear of the bus. Surveillance video from an ATM camera two blocks away was captured by police and used to identify an unnamed yellow school bus and then correlated through time records with defendants bus company's route. Co-Counsel, Joseph A. Power, Jr.

J. v. Voest-Alpine, et al.

Jury Verdict: $ 3,000,000.00

Offer Before Trial: $ 150,000.00

(1996) Product Liability/Wrongful Death: Plaintiff's Decedent was a 61-year-old worker for the U.S. Steel plant operating a continuous caster manufactured by Defendant, Voest-Alpine. A 235 ton ladle of molten steel erupted showering him with molten steel causing his death. The continuous caster lacked overhead protection to prevent molten steel from coming in contact with workers in the event an eruption occurred. Plaintiff's Decedent was survived by his 59-year-old wife, Phoebe Joseph. Co-Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Sr.

H. v. Homewood Flossmoor Medical Associates

Settlement: $3,000,000.0

(2014) Medical Negligence: This case involves the death of a mother and her full term fetus on March 17, 2009 from undiagnosed pre-eclapmsia. Plaintiff's Decedent was a 34-year-old single woman, who was never married and was 39 weeks pregnant with her first child, who she planned to raise alone. Plaintiff alleged that at her March 10, 2009 prenatal visit, Decedent had abnormal findings of 2+ protein in her urine, 1+ edema, and a blood pressure of 130/82, the highest of her pregnancy. Plaintiff maintained that Dr. White was negligent for failing to order a 24 hour urine study and urine culture, failing to order pre-eclampsia labs and failing to monitor Ms. Harvey more closely. Plaintiff alleged that as a direct and proximate result of Dr. White's negligence, Decedent and her full term fetus died. Decedent was survived by her mother, who resides out of state, and her adult brother. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

T. v. Ingalls Hospital and Robert Kaiser, M.D.; South Suburban Gastroenterology, S.C.

Settlement: $ 2,700,000.00

(2014) Medical Negligence: On January 4, 2008, Mr. Traylor presented to the Emergency Room at Ingalls Memorial Hospital complaining of abdominal pain. Mr. Traylor was placed on routine IV fluids and was admitted to the medical surgical floor with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, and possible small bowl obstruction. Dr. Kaiser was the gastroenterologist who consulted and assed Mr. Traylor. Dr. Kaiser recommended that pain medications be increased; CT Scan of the abdomen and pelvis with oral contrast. Additionally, Laboratory studies from the Emergency Room reflected an elevated BUN and creatinine levels before performing the CT scan with rapid IV contrast infusion was completed, however, Dr.Kaiser ordered the CT scan with contrast despite the abnormal laboratory values.

On January 5, 2008, Mr. Traylor's lab results came back with "Panic" low calcium; "Panic" high potassium level, and severely elevated BUN and creatinine levels. Mr. Traylor was never provided aggressive intravenous fluid resuscitation, was never closely monitored as his "panic" level potassium level was not timely reported to a physician or treated. Mr. Traylor expired while on the commode in his hospital room. Plaintiff alleged that the admitting internist, Dr. Ibrahim, and the gastroenterologist, Dr. Kaiser, failed to aggressively resuscitate Mr. Traylor with fluids and that Dr. Kaiser ordering a CT scan with contrast further compromised Mr. Traylor's kidneys. Plaintiff also alleged Ingalls' staff failed to timely report the ‘Panic" level potassium level. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

D. v. University of Chicago Hospitals

Settlement: $ 2,500,000.00

(2016) Medical malpractice/wrongful death: In June of 2014, Decedent was treated at the University of Chicago Medical Center's emergency room and was discharged without being informed that she had a mass in her right lung. 9 months later, in March of 2015, Decedent was diagnosed with a large right lung mass and ultimately died on July 28, 2015 at the age of 80. Decedent is survived by her husband and three adult children. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

H. v. County of Cook

Settlement: $ 2,500,000.00

(2001) Sandra Hamilton, was a 58-year old woman who died from breast cancer when Cook County Hospital and Provident Hospital failed for 71/2 months to notify her of her disease and failed to timely institute the chemotherapy and radiation treatment necessary to cure her of her disease. Mrs. Hamilton is survived by a 30-year old son who is married and has resided in California for the last ten (10) years. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

G. v. Rush St. Lukes, et al.

Settlement: $2,500,000.00

(2012) Medical Negligence: Plaintiffs allege medical negligence by the Defendants in their failure to diagnose and treat super-imposed pre-eclampsia in Decedent resulting in her death, one day after discharge from Rush University Hospital and the premature birth of her son. Despite clear signs of pre-eclampsia, and evidence that her elevated blood pressure was not adequately responding to medication, Decedent's condition was not diagnosed and she was discharged on September 8, 1997 with instructions to home monitor her blood pressure and fetal well-being. She collapsed at home, in her bathroom on September 9, 1997, was rushed to Little Company of Mary Hospital by ambulance, where her son was delivered, prematurely, after her death. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

F. v. City of Chicago

Jury Verdict: $2,118,000.00

Offer: None

Demand before trial: $2,000,000.00

(2015) Police Chase/Wrongful Death: Decedent, a 78 year-old female, died after her vehicle was struck by a SUV being pursued by Chicago police officers following a simple, non-violent home burglary. On July 3, 2008 the police were flagged down and informed of a residential burglary that had just taken place at 7702 S. Langley Street. The officers saw a white SUV exit the alley way and proceed westbound down 78th Street, a one-way eastbound street. The officers made a U-turn and activated their lights and siren and chased the white SUV westbound down the one-way street, then northbound on State Street where the white SUV ran a red light and struck Decedent's vehicle which was proceeding eastbound on State Street. Decedent suffered injuries resulting in her death 2 1/2 hours later. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

C. v. Labor World, et al.

Settlement: $2,082,000.00

(1999) Product Liability. The suit arose out of an industrial accident occurring August 4, 1992 at the Chicago Cardboard Product Co. in Schiller Park, Illinois. At the time of the occurrence the Plaintiff was a 40-year employee at the Chicago Cardboard facility working on a die cutting machine. When the machine became clogged with cardboard debris, he stopped it and stood on the die cutting bed to remove the excess cardboard. At that time, a temporary labor employee, supplied by Defendant Labor World, Inc., pressed the start button on the machine, apparently not knowing that Plaintiff was on the die cutting platform. The Plaintiff's left foot was pulled into the die press, causing a crushing injury which later required amputation. Co-Counsel, Todd A. Smith.

L. v. P.M.I. Trucking

Settlement: $2,069,567.15

(2014) Trucking Negligence: A 49 year old single, unmarried woman from the south suburbs was killed on Route 394 when a semi-tractor trailer struck a construction zone barrier, crossed the center line, and hit her vehicle head on. Plaintiff alleged that the truck driver was negligent in his operation of the semi-tractor trailer and that the construction contractor improperly placed barriers on the highway contributing to the driver striking the barrier and crossing the center line and median. The decedent was survived by 4 adult siblings. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

C. v. James Hickey and City of Chicago

Settlement: $2,000,000.00

(2006) Police Negligence/Wrongful Death: Decedent was with friends near his residence when police officers from the Chicago Police Department pulled up and began chasing the men. Decedent ran from the officers and was pursued by one officer on foot and another in his squad car. The offices followed Decedent into a vacant lot and the officer in the squad car struck Decedent, pinning him against the wall of an adjacent building and killing him. The officers alleged that Decedent made a sudden change indirection in front of the vehicle and upon applying his brakes, the vehicle slid due to the mud and water form a recent rain. The Plaintiffs alleged that the officers were reckless and acted with a conscious disregard for Curtis' safety by pursuing him so closely with a vehicle. Decedent was unemployed at the time of his death and was survived by a 7 year-old daughter. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

C. v. University of Illinois Hospital

Settlement: $2,000,000.00

Medical Negligence: Failed to properly assess and evaluate the condition of Plaintiff's Decedent, including his risk of developing thrombophlebitis, properly assess the risk of developing thrombo embolism, to provide Decedent with anticoagulation medications, failed to provide Decedent with TED stockings, and/or with alternating pressure boots, failed to provide Decedent other medications or devices to address the risk of developing trombophebilis and/or pulmonary embolism. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

M. v. Advocate Health & Hospitals

Settlement: $2,000,000.00

(2014) MedicalNegligence: Decedent (a 71 year old man) presented to the University

of Illinois Medical Center to have his bladder removed because of a diagnosis of bladder cancer. His surgery was October 14, 2004. Plaintiff alleged that the anesthesiologists who placed the catheter failed to remove the guidewire during the catheter placement procedure. From October 14, 2004 through February 8, 2008, radiology studies were taken and interpreted by various physicians of the area where the central venous catheter was placed that revealed the retained guidewire but it went undiagnosed by physicians. Once it was finally diagnosed on February 8, his clinicians planned an interventional procedure to remove the retained guidewire. On February 11, 2008, during a negligently performed attempt to remove the guide wire, it fractured and punctured the heart causing bleeding into the pericardial sac surrounding the heart resulting in a cardiac tamponade that ultimately death. Decedent is survived by a wife and a son in his mid 50's. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.;

T. v. Gierczyk Construction

Verdict: $3,500,000.00 Reduced 50% to $1,750,000.00

Offer Before Trial: $500,000.00

(2009) Automobile Negligence/Wrongful Death: On December 23, 2005, Decedent was walking across Kedzie Ave at 184th Street when she was struck and killed by Defendant's southbound vehicle. Decedent was properly walking in an unmarked crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection when she was struck, she had crossed four lanes of Kedzie before she was hit. Decedent was survived by her husband and 4-year-old son. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

R. v. Chicago Park District

Verdict: $1,550,000.00

Offer before trial: None

(1999) Negligent Supervision: This case involves the drowning of 13-year old Ralph Robinson in the afternoon of June 16, 1993 at Carver Park Pool. At the time of the occurrence, there were two lifeguards at the pool complex. However, one lifeguard was on the telephone with his back to the pool and the other lifeguard was located at the shallow end of the pool, engaged in conversation. Neither lifeguard was in a position to see the pool and neither lifeguard was actively managing, overseeing or directing the pool. The jury found that there was an absence of supervision in rendering its verdict in favor of the Plaintiff and against the Defendant. Lead counsel, Larry Rogers, Jr; Co-Counsel, Devon Bruce.

C. v. Medley Moving & Storage Inc., et al.

Verdict: $1,725,000.00 Reduced 15% to $1,707,750.00

Offer before trial: $ 900,000.00

(2006) Trucking/Wrongful Death: Decedent was crossing the street at the intersection of 95th and Michigan when he was struck by defendant's left turning vehicle. Decedent (an 83-year old man) suffered a fractured skull, collapsed lung, and open leg fracture resulting in his death 3.5 hours later. He was survived by four adult children. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

M. v. City of Chicago

Verdict: $1,500,000.00

(2015) Police Shooting: On March 10, 2009, Decedent was at his home when 2 plain clothes officers arrived to arrest him pursuant to an investigative alert for a domestic incident. Decedent fled into his bedroom and attempted to exit a 2nd floor bedroom window when he was grabbed by the officers. The officers alleged that Decedent pulled a gun on them while he was attempting to jump out of the 2nd floor window, while the officers held him by his feet. The defense further alleged that the police officers shot Decedent twice when he refused to drop the weapon and were justified in the use of deadly force in doing so. Plaintiff established that Decedent was not shot at the window as the defense contended in a struggle with the police officers, but was shot in the gangway below where he did not pose a threat to the police officers or others. Mr. Rogers introduced forensic evidence found at the scene, and testimony from a forensic pathologist regarding the downward and forward trajectory of the bullet wounds to the back of the head and the leg, to establish that Matthias was shot from a distance, and not at close range as the officers suggested. Mr. Rogers also alleged that the lack of fingerprints or other evidence tying the weapon found at the scene to Decedent fit the profile for that weapon being a "drop gun" that was dropped at the scene to explain the unjustified shooting. The forensic evidence in this case established that Decedent was shot from above, from his 2nd story bedroom window after he had made it down to the gangway. The jury awarded $1.5 million dollars for the loss that Decedent's three minor children suffered due to his death. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

M. v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Settlement: $1,500,000.00

Medical Negligence: On or about March 7, 2000, deviated from the standard of care failed to recognize the significance of the signs, symptoms and laboratory values with which Plaintiff presented on March 7, 2000 regarding acute ketoacidosis, their failure to properly treat acute ketoacidosis, initiate prompt interventions for Plaintiff's ketoacidosis, including, but not limited to, admission to the hospital and IV fluid management, failed to properly work up a newly diagnosed diabetic, monitor the blood sugar and electrolyte levels. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

H. v. American Airlines

Settlement: $1,200,000.00

(2000) Common Carrier Liability: Plaintiff, a 34-year old man with cognitive disabilities and a casted foot developed osteomyelitis in the first metatarsal of his right foot when American Airlines allowed him to deplane unattended and unassisted at O'Hare Airport and he became lost in the airport. As a result of walking around O'Hare Airport for 2-3 hours, Plaintiff's foot became swollen in its cast, he developed osteomyelitis in his great toe and the first metatarsal had to be removed. Plaintiffs alleged that the airline was negligent in allowing Billy to deplane unassisted and unattended when its own itinerary indicated he needed assistance "all the way through" his flight. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

M. v. LaSalle Partners, et al.

Settlement: $1,141,941.48

(1998) Premises Liability: This case involved the death of a 26-year-old building engineer who took a freight elevator to the 9th floor to retrieve a broken passenger elevator. Upon retrieving and parking the passenger elevator at the lobby level, Plaintiff returned the freight elevator doors at that level and, forgetting the freight car was on the 9th floor, manually opened the freight elevator doors and stepped into the freight elevator shaft backwards, falling to his death. Plaintiff alleged that the building owner failed to equip the elevator shaft doors with door locking devices to prevent the doors from being opened if the car is not present. Lead Counsel, Todd A. Smith; Co- counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

B. v. City of Rockford

Settlement: $1,115,000.00

(2104) Police Shooting. Plaintiff alleges excessive use of force and wrongful death claims brought against the City of Rockford and Rockford Police Department Officers Stanton North and Oda Poole which occurred on August 24, 2009 when the officers shot and killed the unarmed Decedent. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.

M. v. Aunt Martha's Youth Services

Settlement: $1,075,000.00

On Thursday, September 3, 1998, an eight week old minor and his siblings were removed from their maternal grandmother's home by Aunt Martha's Youth Services, Inc. M. and his sister were placed in the foster home of Neil Riley and Tyra Riley. Their remaining siblings were placed in another foster home. Four days later, on September 7, 1998, M. was found with injuries to his head and torso and taken to the hospital. On September 8, 1998, he died of his injuries. The plaintiff claimed that M. was injured and died as a result of the wrongful conduct of Aunt Martha's Youth Services, Inc. and Neil Riley and Tyra Riley. Lead Counsel, Larry R. Rogers, Jr.



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  • L. v. P.M.I. Trucking
  • C. v. James Hickey and City of Chicago
  • C. v. University of Illinois Hospital
  • M. v. Advocate Health & Hospitals
  • T. v. Gierczyk Construction
  • R. v. Chicago Park District
  • C. v. Medley Moving & Storage Inc., et al.
  • M. v. City of Chicago
  • M. v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • H. v. American Airlines
  • M. v. LaSalle Partners, et al.
  • B. v. City of Rockford
  • M. v. Aunt Martha’s Youth Services


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