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When looking for an accident lawyer, Illinois residents should call Power Rogers. After dozens of years representing clients in various personal injury matters, the Chicago lawyers of Power Rogers have built a reputation by recovering significant personal injury settlements and verdicts. Our team has achieved numerous personal injury settlements and record-setting verdicts. Our trial experience not only helps us win in the courtroom but around the negotiating table as well. As our personal injury settlements and verdicts demonstrate, our lawyers are very adept at navigating Illinois accident law.

Setting Records For
Personal Injury Recoveries

Some of our successes have included recovering $100 million in a wrongful death suit under Illinois accident law. This recovery was the largest personal injury award for a single family in Illinois.

Our Chicago firm has recovered multimillion-dollar personal injury settlements and verdicts under Illinois accident law. Our team of skilled personal injury lawyers puts all of our resources and energy into fighting to win each and every case for our clients. And whether a settlement from a negligent physician or a verdict against a hospital, we always seek the maximum recovery allowable under Illinois accident law.

Our Success Records

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Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney Chicago Product Liability Attorney

$100 Million Recovery- Product Liability, Motor Vehicle Negligence, Trucking
Joseph A. Power Jr. Larry R. Rogers Sr.

No. 98 L 3127
– Joseph A. Power Jr., Larry R. Rogers Jr.

Joseph A. Power, Jr., as lead counsel, with the assistance of Larry Rogers, Jr., represented a Chicago family that lost six children in a fiery Wisconsin car crash in 1994 caused by an unqualified truck driver. Investigations prompted by the tragedy and lawsuit revealed widespread corruption, whereby the Secretary of State’s staff exchanged licenses for bribes that went to the campaign of George Ryan. These federal investigations triggered Operation Safe Road, which required retesting for over 2,000 drivers using tainted licenses and netted 76 convictions, including that of former Governor of Illinois George Ryan. Joseph Power and Larry Rogers, Jr. obtained a record $100 million settlement for personal injury and wrongful death for a single-family.



Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

$95,477,464 Million Verdict – Personal Injury, Double Leg Amputee
Joseph A. Power Jr. James Power

– Joseph A. Power Jr., James Power


Power Rogers attorneys Joseph A. Power, Jr., as lead counsel, and James Power recently secured a $95,477,464 million jury verdict for our client who suffered massive leg injuries that required a double above-the-knee amputation in 2014. Our client, a truck driver, was transporting carbon steel tubing. The crane operator at the delivery location attempted to unload the cargo, but because the tubing was improperly stacked and configured for unloading, one bundle of the tubing rolled out and crushed his legs,lacerating his right popliteal artery and fracturing his fibula and tibia. His right knee was amputated above the knee, and after his left leg developeda fungal infection, the doctors had to amputate that one above the kneeas well. The jury awarded the Plaintiff $83,477,464 and his wife $12 million for a total of $95,477,464. This award was reduced 10% for the plaintiff’s liability, making the total recoverable amount $86,429,717.60.



Chicago Aviation Accident Lawyer Chicago Product Liability Attorney

$93 Million Recovery – Aviation Accident
Jonathan M. Thomas

– Brian LaCien, Jonathan M. Thomas

Brian LaCien and Jonathan Thomas teamed up with Kreindler & Kreindler LLP of New York, NY to provide representation to a number of individuals who were involved in a commercial airplane crash. The litigation team recovered over $93 Million on behalf of their clients. Notable settlements included a $16,900,000 settlement on behalf of a 36-year-old female who suffered multiple fractures and ultimately required the amputation of her left leg; an $8,000,000 settlement on behalf of a 32-year-old female who suffered numerous cervical and lumbar vertebrae fractures requiring a posterior surgical fusion of C1-C2; a $7,500,000 settlement on behalf of a 54-year-old male who died as a result of the crash; a $5,800,000settlement for a 52-year-old female who suffered multiple vertebrae fractures causing nerve damage and requiring multiple past and future spinal surgeries, pain management, and rehabilitative therapy; and a $3,750,000 settlement for a 49-year-old woman who fractured her Th11 and Th12 vertebrae and required a surgical spinal fusion of the TH11 to L1 vertebrae.



Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

$91 Million Recovery - Personal Injury
Joseph A. Power Jr. Larry R. Rogers Jr. James Power

– Joseph A. Power, Jr., Larry R. Rogers, Jr. and James I. Power

Joseph A. Power, Jr., Larry R. Rogers, Jr. and James I. Power of Power Rogers, LLP, and Louis Berns of Favil David Berns & Associates reached an agreement to settle their client, C.E.G.’s, claims against 7-Eleven, Inc. for $91 million. The parties were scheduled to begin picking a jury on Monday, February 6, 2023 before the Honorable Judge Mary Minella. This is the largest pretrial recovery for a person injured in the history of the State of Illinois.



Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer

$55.4 Million Verdict – Medical Malpractice, Brain Injury
Joseph A. Power Jr. Larry R. Rogers Sr.

No. 96 L 05681
– Joseph A. Power Jr., Larry R. Rogers Sr.

Medical Malpractice/Brain Injury: This case involved the failure to properly give oxygen or intubate and give oxygen to a 54-year-old-lady undergoing a bronchoscopic procedure and biopsy for possible tuberculosis which resulted in brain damage. This is the largest medical malpractice verdict in the history of the State of Illinois. Additionally, the loss of consortium of $15,000,000.00 to the husband is also the largest such award in the history of Illinois for that type of damage.

JURY VERDICT: $55,439,269.59

Offer prior to trial: $ 10,500,000.00

Offer prior to verdict: $ 13,500,000.00



Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

$50 Million Settlement – R.O. v. Confidential Defendants (2022)
James Power Dominic C. Loverde Thomas M. Power Joseph A. Power Jr.

Joseph Power, Thomas Power, James Power and Dominic LoVerde

Power Rogers attorneys Joseph Power, Thomas Power, James Power and Dominic LoVerde recently secured $50,000,000.00 on behalf of their client who suffered seriousinjuries in an accident that occurred while trimming branches from a treeon his property, including severe burns and the loss of both arms and aleg. Joseph Power, Thomas Power, James Power and Dominic LoVerde.




Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer

$47.5 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice
Devon C. Bruce

14 L 12147
– Devon C. Bruce

S. v. Undisclosed Defendants

This medical malpractice case was the largest reported settlement in Cook County in 2016. The plaintiff was a 4-year-old child who suffered serious injuries after his physicians failed to diagnose and treat a bacterial infection. Mr. Bruce is continuing to pursue the case against the remaining defendants in this case. Not only is this the largest medical malpractice settlement for any case in 2016 in Cook County but one of the largest medical malpractice actions ever obtained.



Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer

$40 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice
Joseph W. Balesteri Joseph A. Power Jr.

No. 2017 L 10109
– Joseph A. Power Jr., Joseph W. Balesteri

12-year-old girl presented to a Local Community Hospital on October 18, 2016. The employed hospitalists involved in her care and treatment failed to diagnose neck abscesses by CT scanning, failed to recognize her clinical deterioration and organ dysfunction due to infection and failed to timely transfer her to a children’s hospital. The employed interventional radiologist and otolaryngologist failed to perform a sedation assessment, failed to recognize a class IV airway, failed to recognize developing sepsis, failed to protect her airway before giving inappropriate sedation and failed to timely transfer her to a children’s hospital. These providers failed to recognize deep neck abscesses when treating mononucleosis and streptococcal infection leading to continued clinical deterioration. As a result, the minor suffered catastrophic irreversible neurologic injury due to a cardiorespiratory arrest. This is the largest settlement for a brain injured-minor in the history of the State of Illinois. Co-counsel with Joseph A. Power, Jr.



Experienced Attorneys Advocating For Clients In Contingent Commercial Litigation

$40 Million Recovery – Accounting & Banking Malpractice
Devon C. Bruce

No. 12 L12
– Devon C. Bruce

Contingent Commercial Litigation: This case involves the embezzlement of $53 million dollars from the City of Dixon. by Rita Crundwell, who served as comptroller and treasurer of Dixon, Illinois, from 1983 to April 2012. This was reported to be the largest embezzlement of a municipality in the history of the United States. Plaintiff, the City of Dixon, brought a negligence action against Clifton, Larsen, Allen, Fifth Third Bank and Janis Card & Associates. Clifton, Larsen, Allen was the accounting firm hired by the City of Dixon to perform the City’s annual audits throughout the time period of Rita Crundwell’s theft. Plaintiff alleged that Clifton was negligent in that it failed to discover the theft of the money during the performance of their annual audits. Clifton was further negligent in not reporting and/or investigating numerous irregularities in Rita Crundwell’s tax returns. Fifth Third Bank and its predecessor banks held multiple City of Dixon. accounts as well as a “secret” account improperly opened in the City of Dixon’s name by Rita Crundwell which she used to deposit the stolen City of Dixon’s funds. Rita Crundwell then used the account to pay for numerous personal items such as jewelry, automobiles and to finance her equestrian business. Plaintiff alleged that Fifth Third Bank was negligent in allowing Rita Crundwell to open the secret account and also failed to disclose the existence oft his account in annual bank confirmations to the City’s accountants. Plaintiff alleged that Janis Card & Associates was negligent in failing to identify the theft and by entering into a joint venture with Clifton, Larsen, Allen to perform the City of Dixon audits after 2005.

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