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Life-altering injuries demand experienced, compassionate, and tenacious legal advocacy. When you’ve been through considerable hardship because of someone else’s wrongdoing, you deserve a lawyer who understands what you are feeling and knows how to deliver the best outcome possible. At Power Rogers, our attorneys approach every case with a long record of successful settlements and verdicts in every area of personal injury litigation, including trucking negligence, medical negligence, product liability, premises liability, civil rights abuses, and transportation negligence. Our peers respect us, our opponents fear us, and our clients trust us. Our mission is to secure more than a high dollar amount: It’s to create a positive change in the lives of our clients, the broader community, and every patient and consumer.

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When Power Rogers was founded, we wanted to make sure that our experience, skillset, and knowledge should not only help those who are able to reach out to an attorney and power through months or years of pursuit of justice, but also countless others who can benefit immensely from a change in policy. We understand that law is not static, but a dynamic sphere where each lawsuit – whether big or small – contributes to the overall justice system. With this in the back of our minds, we look at each case with the perspective of creating a ripple effect of change in the world around us. An individual hurt in a trucking accident or a patient harmed due to medical malpractice is not an individual case, they are the means to help secure justice for the victim as well as effect long-term change in policy.

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