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Schaumburg Truck Driver Struck by Crane Boom Settles Case for $3.1 Million

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2012 | Truck Accident

A 62 year-old man from Schaumburg, Illinois will receive $3.1 Million as compensation for the serious injuries he suffered when he was struck by the boom of a crane that was being hoisted onto his truck.

On February 3, 2006, Ronald Leonard was working as a truck driver for D.C.S. Trucking Company and was working at a construction project along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 at mile-marker 25.5 in Dundee Township, Illinois. The general contractor of this project was Kenny Construction Company.

Ron was helping Kenny Construction employees dissemble a 45-foot portion of a crane boom in order to place the boom onto his truck’s flatbed trailer. The boom was being hoisted by a crane; however, the boom was not properly secured by Kenny employees.

Due to the failure to use a guideline/tagline, the boom swung wildly over the trailer bed, where Ron was standing, and into the eastbound lane of traffic on Interstate 90, where it was struck by a tractor-trailer and propelled back towards Ron. The boom struck Ron in the face, knocking him several feet and off of the trailer bed and onto the ground.

As a result of being struck in the head, Ron’s jaw was fractured in multiple places, he lost 6 teeth and part of his jawbone. Ron also suffered multiple lacerations on his face, fractured ribs and a left rotator cuff tear. As a result of the injuries to Ron’s mouth and jaw, he suffered extensive bone loss resulting in an overbite, the need for 2 bone grafts and problems with chewing due to his jaw being mis-aligned. Also, due to the lacerations to his tongue, Ron’s lost his sense of taste.

In addition, Ron suffered a closed head injury which has left him with permanent memory impairments.

Ron was represented by Joseph A. Power, Jr. and Sean M. Houlihan of Power Rogers “Our client is very happy to have this behind him and be able to move on with his life,” said Mr. Power. Mr. Houlihan added, “This accident could have easily been avoided had proper procedures been followed. This settlement compensates Ron for all of the medical expenses he incurred as well as the pain and suffering he has had to endure.”