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Power Rogers Files Lawsuit and Protective Order in Downstate Illinois Megabus Crash

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2012 | Negligence

On August 2, 2012, a Megabus carrying 81 passengers from Chicago to St. Louis slammed into a concrete bridge support pillar about 55 miles northeast of St. Louis. Forty-seven people were injured in the crash and one passenger died as a result of her injuries. The cause of the crash is being investigated, but early reports suggest that a blown tire may have caused the bus driver to lose control and veer off of the road.

Joseph A. Power, Jr. of the Chicago law firm Power Rogers filed a lawsuit on August 14th on behalf of five of the Megabus passengers injured in the crash. Among them, a 24-year-old Columbia College Student and Detroit native, suffered two broken legs, fractures to his arm, hip and pelvis, and a crushed ankle and heel. Additionally, Mr. Power filed a lawsuit on behalf of a mother, her two young sons, and a female relative. One son was more seriously hurt than his other family members, and is left with a broken shoulder, wrist, ankle and leg, Power said.

In the complaint filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, the Plaintiffs contend that Megabus was negligent in failing to properly maintain and inspect the bus and its tires. Additionally, the Plaintiffs believe that the bus driver, Preston Taylor, was negligent in his operation of the bus both before and after the blowout.

In addition to the complaint, Power immediately filed a Motion to obtain a Protective Order before Cook County Circuit Court Judge Kathy Flanagan, which seeks to protect and preserve evidence from the crash. Power commented, “Preservation of evidence, in this case, is critical. If the evidence is lost – for example, the blown out tire – the Plaintiff will have a much more difficult time proving his claim and understanding how this tragedy occurred. That is why it is imperative that we moved for a Protective Order immediately upon filing this lawsuit.”


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