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Power Rogers files suit on behalf of those injured in Megabus accident on downstate Interstate 55

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2012 | Bus Accident, Personal Injury

On August 2, a Megabus double decker vehicle carrying 81 passengers struck an overpass pillar on Interstate 55 about 55 miles outside of St. Louis in Illinois killing one passenger and injuring numerous other passengers. Initial statements from the Illinois State Police indicate that the cause of this accident was one of the tires on the bus blowing resulting in the bus veering off the road. However, a full investigation is underway and is not expected to be completed for a few weeks.

Among the injured were Lewis Vaughn IV, a 24 year, who sustained two broken legs, fractures to his arm, hip and pelvis, as well as a crushed ankle and heel according to his attorney, Joseph A. Power, Jr. , of Power Rogers Mr. Power filed a lawsuit on Mr. Vaughn’s behalf on August 14, 2012 in the Circuit Court of Cook County against Megabus and their driver alleging, amongst other things, that they failed to properly maintain and inspect the bus, including the tires. Additionally, Mr. Vaughn’s lawsuit alleges that the driver was negligent in his operation of the bus by operating the bus at a speed that was too fast for the conditions as well as failing to avoid the collision.

In addition to the lawsuit filed on Mr. Vaughn’s behalf, Mr. Power has also filed a lawsuit against Megabus and their driver on behalf of Mary Jane Klein, her two young sons, Brandon and Nicholas Eckstein, and her relative Eleanor Klein for the injuries they sustained in the crash. The Klein Family were passengers on the Megabus headed to St. Louis to visit relatives when their trip was ended before they even arrived to see their family as a result of this bus accident.

According to their attorney, Mr. Power, the Klein Family members all suffered various injuries in the Megabus crash, with Nicholas being the most severely injured of the family members suffering a broken shoulder, wrist, ankle, and leg. The lawsuit filed on behalf of the Klein Family members is also against Megabus and the driver of the bus alleging similarly to Mr. Vaughn’s suit, that Megabus failed to maintain and inspect the bus, including the tires, and the driver was negligent in his operation of the bus.

Immediately after filing the lawsuits on behalf of Mr. Vaughn and the Klein Family members, Mr. Power filed a Motion for a Protective Order that was granted by the Honorable Judge Kathy Flanagan of the Circuit Court of Cook County. This protective order will cause Megabus to protect and preserve evidence related to the accident. As Mr. Power stated, “Preservation of evidence in this case is critical. If the evidence is lost – for example, the blown out tire – the Plaintiff will have a much more difficult time proving his claim and understanding how this tragedy occurred. That is why it is imperative that we moved for a Protective Order immediately upon filing this lawsuit.”

The Plaintiffs are represented by Joseph A. Power, Jr; Larry R. Rogers, Sr.; Thomas M. Power; and Devon Bruce of Power Rogers