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$6,850,000 Settlement For 66 Year Old Chicago Area Plaintiff Who Was Injured When Struck By A Commercial Trailer

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2012 | Truck Accident, Verdicts & Settlements

On May 22, 2008, the Plaintiff was a pedestrian in a parking lot when he was struck by a commercial trailer. The trailer had separated from a tractor driving across the parking lot and struck the Plaintiff as he stood faced in the opposite direction placing a package in the trunk of his car.

According to the police investigation, the trailer traveled over 30 feet across the parking lot after it had separated from the trailer with the trailer’s brakes significantly out of adjustment and fully defective. Plaintiff’s counsel took numerous depositions in the case and established that the brakes on the trailer at issue were completely defective. Had a number of the defendants identified the problems with the trailers brakes and had them repaired or replaced prior to the date of the occurrence, the trailer would have stopped before it struck the Plaintiff.

The Plaintiff filed this cause of action against Elite Cartage and their employee driver alleging, amongst other things, that the driver failed to attach the trailer to the tractor, failed to perform a proper pre-trip inspection which would have identified the ineffective trailer brakes, and the driver who moved the trailer the day before the occurrence failed to identify and report the trailer’s defective brakes. The original cause of action also contained allegations against APL, Pacer Global Logistics, St. George Warehouse of Illinois, Inc., and Toyo Inc. America.

The Plaintiff alleged that APL and Pace who owned, leased, and maintained the trailer at issue had failed to inspect and maintain its own trailer’s brakes and that they were also liable for the actions of the driver of the tractor trailer under the Federal Motor Carrier Act. The Plaintiff further alleged that St. George’s Warehouse was negligent in the failure to inspect the brakes on the trailer when their driver moved it the day before the occurrence. The allegations against Toyo Inc. America were that it failed to post speed limit signs and/or implement other changes to control motor carrier traffic on its lot.

The Plaintiff later amended his complaint adding Interpool, Interpool Titling Trust and Trac Lease which were other entities involved in the ownership of the trailer at issue. The allegations against these entities was based in their failure to inspect and maintain its own trailer’s brakes. Additionally, the Plaintiff named Bear Carthage and JAS Trucking as defendants which were trucking companies which moved the trailer prior to the date of the occurrence and failed to inspect the trailer’s brakes. Union Pacific Railway was also named as a defendant in this matter for their failure to properly inspect the trailer’s brakes when the trailer traveled into and out of its rail yards.

As a result of being struck by the trailer, the Plaintiff suffered lower extremity injuries including an L4-L5 fracture/dislocation which required spinal fusion/instrumentation and a left L4-L5 nerve root injury. The Plaintiff’s injuries are permanent and lifelong injuries to various areas of his bodies which will likely required future revision surgeries.

The Defendants collectively agreed to settle this matter with the Plaintiff for $6,850,000.00 on September 11, 2012.

The Plaintiff was represented by Devon C. Bruce of Power Rogers.

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