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Joseph A. Power, Jr. Educates Colleagues on Direct Examination at Chicago ITLA Continuing Legal Education Seminar

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2013 | Firm News, Joseph A. Power jr.

On February 18th, 2013, Joseph A. Power, Jr., founding partner of the plaintiff’s personal injury law firm of Power Rogers, spent the President’s Day court holiday lecturing fellow attorneys as part of the Illinois Trial Lawyer Association’s (ITLA) Continuing Legal Education Seminar. The Seminar was aimed at educating lawyers about the issues involved in and the importance of proving damages in a personal injury case.

In particular, Mr. Power’s speech addressed specific techniques and practice tips related to the direct examination of witnesses and parties at trial. After his lecture session was finished, Mr. Power sat on a panel and answered questions from the audience. “It is a treat to be able to learn from your colleagues,” said Mr. Power. “Speaking at these seminars is about expanding your area of expertise and using your years of experience to help and educate other practitioners who are also interested in protecting injured persons’ rights.”

Each year, attorneys in Illinois are required to obtain a certain number of “continuing legal education” credits in order to maintain their license to practice law. This requirement was first established in September of 2005, when the Supreme Court of Illinois ratified Supreme Court Rules 790-798. As Power explained, “The continuing education requirements formalize what many practitioners knew was an essential part of the practice of law- they ensure that lawyers remain up to date on the latest developments in case law and other issues involved in the practice.”

Power is a past president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (’92-’93) and he firmly believes that the educational seminars put on by ITLA are among the best available to attorneys practicing personal injury law. “If you practice in this area, it is hugely beneficial to attend seminars that provide practical advice and resources that are specially tailored to the unique issues involved in personal injury litigation,” said Power.