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Family of Bettie Jones Hires Power Rogers

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2015 | Firm News, Larry R. Rogers Jr.

Bettie Jones was killed by a Chicago police officer, who fired shots into her home the day after Christmas. Her family has hired Power Rogers to represent their case.

The family of Bettie Jones, the innocent mother and grandmother who was shot and killed in her home by a Chicago police officer the day after Christmas has retained trial lawyer Larry Rogers, Jr. of Power Rogers. On December 26th at about 4:30 a.m., Bettie Jones answered her door when she was struck and killed in a hail of bullets fired from a Chicago police officer’s weapon. The officer was reportedly firing from the public sidewalk approximately 20 or more feet away at Quintonio LeGrier when Ms. Jones was struck and killed. Bullets from the officer’s gun riddled the home. Officers were called to the home by Antonio LeGrier, who lived upstairs, and had gotten into a domestic dispute with his 19 year old son. Bettie Jones lived in a separate apartment downstairs and was not involved in the dispute. When she answered her door she was shot and killed when the officer fired multiple times at and into the home from the public sidewalk striking 55 y/o Ms. Jones and 19 y/o Quintinio LeGrier. Ms. Jones is survived by 5 adult children and several grandchildren.

Inquiries regarding the case can be directed to Larry Rogers, Jr. directly by calling him at (312) 952-1556 cell or email [email protected] or through his assistant Kathleen “Kitty” Geary at (312) 827-4373 or email [email protected].

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