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Larry Rogers, Jr. Interviewed About Bettie Jones and Sandra Bland Cases

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Firm News, Larry R. Rogers Jr.

Yesterday, the funeral of 55 year-old Chicago resident, Bettie Jones, who was shot and killed by on-duty Chicago police officers, was held. Many questions remain regarding the details of the shooting, and the police department and now its lawyers are refusing to release information and potential video of the incident.

Larry Rogers, Jr., a partner at the trial law firm of Power Rogers, was hired by the family of Bettie Jones to investigate the circumstances of her killing. Mr. Rogers has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department alleging reckless and wanton conduct on the part of the responding officers, for what he believes was an irresponsible and senseless taking of an innocent life. The suit was brought on behalf of Ms. Jones’s five children.

Preliminary witness reports indicate that Bettie Jones answered her door when she was struck and killed by multiple bullets fired by an on-duty Chicago police officer. It has been reported that the firing officer was on the public sidewalk, 20 or more feet away, when he began shooting. Bullet holes from the officer’s gun can be seen on both sides of the door to Bettie Jones’s apartment. “This conduct was reckless, plain and simple. Police Officers knew that innocent people resided in this home, and they began firing multiple shots at them anyways,” Rogers said.

Mr. Rogers was interviewed on Chicago Tonight with Carol Marin about the Bettie Jones case and explains what is and is not known about her killing at this time.

You can view the video by clicking here.

Mr. Rogers is also presently representing the family of Sandra Bland, the woman who was arrested in Texas after a routine traffic stop, and found dead in her jail cell a few days later. Mr. Rogers has handled multiple cases involving police misconduct, including police pursuit cases, police shooting cases, excessive force cases, and others.

Inquiries regarding the case can be directed to Larry Rogers, Jr. directly by calling him at (312) 952-1556 cell or email [email protected] or through his assistant Kathleen “Kitty” Geary at (312) 827-4373 or email [email protected].