Larry R. Rogers, Jr. Speaks to Illinois Trial Lawyers About Trucking

Power Rogers | Apr 26, 2013

Larry R. Rogers, Jr. Speaks to Illinois Trial Lawyers About Trucking
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On April 6, 2013, attorney Larry R. Rogers, Jr. of Power Rogers, educated fellow Illinois trial lawyers regarding investigation and proving liability in trucking accident cases. Mr. Rogers was an invited speaker at the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association’s Transportation Seminar which provided continuing legal education to attorneys on various transportation cases, including trucking accident cases. In his speech, Mr. Rogers addressed the complexities involved with representing a victim of a trucking accident.

Specifically, Mr. Rogers provided information on how the evolution of the trucking industry has changed and thus when pursuing cases for victims, it is necessary to investigate the, likely, numerous entities who may be involved in the ownership and leasing of the truck, loading of cargo, and employment of the driver. Mr. Rogers also educated the attorneys on the role that the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations play in the transportation industry.

According to Mr. Rogers, “these regulations are important as they can assist the plaintiff’s attorney in identifying when and where equipment failures occurred and where liability may be shared between the driver and the intermodal equipment provider for poor inspections of equipment.” Mr. Rogers also educated the trial attorneys on the role that “hours of service” violations may play in accidents, how to evaluate the driver’ log book, and other important Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that attorneys should review when investigating and pursuing a trucking case for a victim.

As he stressed in his speech, timely investigation of trucking accidents and the vehicles involved is of the utmost importance and suggested the use of a Protective Order, visiting the scene, and inspecting the vehicles as soon as possible after the occurrence. According to Mr. Rogers, by securing this information and reviewing it prior to issuing discovery, you then have the ability to tailor your discovery requests, requests to admit facts, production requests, and discovery depositions to narrow the issues from the outset of the case.

Mr. Rogers, a partner at Power Rogers, was honored to participate in the Transportation Seminar and firmly believes that the continuing legal education seminars provided to attorneys by the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association are a great way to share your knowledge and expertise that you’ve garnered through the years with other attorneys who are interested in protecting victims’ rights.

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