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Thomas Power, Kathryn Conway Reach $4.3 Million Settlement with CTA

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2015 | Bus Accident, Kathryn L. Conway, Pedestrian Accidents, Thomas M. Power, Wrongful Death

Attorneys Thomas Power and Kathryn Conway of Power Rogers recently reached a $4.3 million settlement on behalf of a family who lost their loved one when she was fatally struck by a CTA bus.

Some eyewitnesses said that Martha Gonzalez was struck first by a car in Pilsen (that car fled the scene) and subsequently by the CTA bus, but Attorneys Power and Conway contended that the transit authority’s video from the bus proves that there was no other car – only the CTA bus.

The video footage from the time of the collision clearly shows Gonzalez crossing the street legally using the pedestrian crosswalk when the bus proceeds to turn left without yielding to her. Power and Conway evaluated footage from multiple cameras near the intersection and were unable to find any evidence that another car was in the intersection at the time of the collision.

Our attorneys notified the CTA’s attorneys of this finding, at which point the CTA agreed to participate in a mediation. After mediation and subsequent negotiations, the CTA then agreed to the $4.3 million settlement to bring this wrongful death case to a close.

Andrew Kudelka, Gonzalez’s boyfriend, has advocated for changes to the intersection where the collision occurred, changes that include a pedestrian walk signal that activates before the traffic light turns from red to green.

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