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Larry R. Rogers, Jr. Featured in Lawdragon Magazine’s Plaintiff Issue

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Firm News, Larry R. Rogers Jr., Legal News

Power Rogers, LLP Partner Larry R. Rogers, Jr. has been featured on the cover of the latest edition of Lawdragon Magazine’s The Plaintiff Issue!

The publication also includes a full-feature Q&A interview profiling Larry’s practice, passion for the law, and some of the many impressive accomplishments he’s earned over the course of his career.

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As Larry tells Lawdragon, his interest in representing victims was sparked by listening to his father, Power Rogers Partner Larry R. Rogers, Sr., speak about the cases he handled, the people he helped, and the power of law and litigation when it comes to securing justice for those who’ve been grievously harmed by medical malpractice, negligent truck drivers, and more, and who are often overpowered by corporations that value profits more than people.

After becoming an attorney himself, Larry’s practice was fueled by his passion for learning – a quality that’s greatly benefited the victims and families who’ve placed their trust in our firm following tragedy and loss.

“One of the things I enjoy most about being a plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyer is the learning. When a client comes to you and presents a set of facts, proving their case may require you to learn something you knew nothing about before.I have had clients whose cases required that I learn about the transportation industry and how international shipping companies utilize containers from ships to trains, to tractor-trailers, and how errors in the operation resulted in tragedy. I have had clients whose cases required that I learn how neurosurgery progressed from open neurosurgical procedures to treat brain aneurysms to the delivery of stents into the brain by maneuvering tiny catheters through the blood vessels. I have had clients who suffered strokes during surgery whose cases required that I learn how anesthesiologists are supposed to manage blood pressure to ensure adequate blood flow and perfusion to the brain. I have had clients who were rendered paralyzed and confined to wheelchairs because corporate greed put productivity and profit over consumer safety. Each of these cases has been interesting to me and has consumed me while I was handling them. And I’ve walked away from each with a renewed love for what I do and who I am able to help doing it.”

The article goes on to discuss Larry’s career, the lessons he’s learned from his father, Larry Rogers Sr., and Founding Partner Joe Power, and his perspective on the law and personal injury. That includes some of the notable civil rights, police brutality, and medical negligence cases he’s handled, and his recent professional achievements – such as his invitation to become a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, a group comprised of the nation’s top 100 plaintiffs’ personal injury attorneys, and his ascension to the presidency of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association in 2020.

Today, Larry remains as committed to clients who come to Power Rogers in times of need as he has always been – and those fortunate to have met or worked with him can attest to his skill, temperament, and professionalism. When asked how his practice has changed from when he was a young man, Larry notes:

“My practice has changed since the early part of my career in that I have developed a level of comfort and confidence that allows me to take on any fight I believe is worth fighting, no matter how seemingly difficult. As a result of gaining more courtroom and real-life experience, I believe I have learned to evaluate people, evaluate trust, and appreciate genuineness. I try to take cases that allow me to work with and for people who I believe in and who believe in me. It makes the work much more rewarding, and the fight much more worthwhile.”

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