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Read about the latest news from Power Rogers, Chicago Catastrophic Injury Attorneys who have set records for their large settlements on behalf of those injured catastrophically. Our attorneys specialize in a broad range of practice areas, including Medical Malpractice, Trucking Accidents, Birth Injuries, and Wrongful Death. Stay updated with our work with the articles below.

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When Power Rogers was founded, we wanted to make sure that our experience, skillset, and knowledge should not only help those who are able to reach out to an attorney and power through months or years of pursuit of justice, but also countless others who can benefit immensely from a change in policy. We understand that law is not static, but a dynamic sphere where each lawsuit – whether big or small – contributes to the overall justice system. With this in the back of our minds, we look at each case with the perspective of creating a ripple effect of change in the world around us. An individual hurt in a trucking accident or a patient harmed due to medical malpractice is not an individual case, they are the means to help secure justice for the victim as well as effect long-term change in policy.

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