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Whether an accident occurs on an airplane or a helicopter, any type of collision that happens at a high altitude can result in serious injuries, or even worse, death. If you lost a loved one as a result of an aviation accident, it is important to take legal action in a timely manner to help determine liability. Power Rogers is here to answer your questions and effectively advocate for your interests.

The complex nature of aviation accident litigation means that these cases require the oversight of an experienced attorney. With a long history of successful results, our team at Power Rogers can represent your interests effectively. We have an exceptional level of experience in cases involving aviation accidents.

Contact our firm at 312-210-8411 if you were injured in an aviation accident, or suffered in-flight injuries.

Our Experience In Aviation Accident Cases

If you or a loved one was involved in an airplane accident in the United States or overseas, you should call an experienced legal professional who can demonstrate a proven record of success taking on large corporations. Aviation law is complex, and you will need help navigating the legal system and the various federal, state, and even international agencies that collect evidence relating to aviation accidents.

Our Chicago airplane accident lawyers at Power Rogers have handled product liability cases against Boeing Aircraft, Airbus / EADs, Beech, Cessna, and others. In addition to smaller airplane and helicopter accident cases – including the recent Illinois Supreme Court case Russell v. Augusta Aerospace, et al. – we have been involved in the majority of the big commercial airplane disasters over the years, including:

  • American Airlines Flight 191 – Chicago 1979
  • United Airlines Flight 232 – Sioux City, Iowa 1989
  • USAir Flight 427 – Pittsburgh, PA 1994
  • Lion Air JT 538, November 30, 2004 (Boeing)
  • Garuda Flight 200, May 7, 2007 (Boeing)
  • Turkish Airlines Flight 1951, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2009 (Boeing)
  • Pamir Air – Kabul, Afghanistan 2010 (Boeing)
  • Asiana Air – San Francisco, 2013 (Boeing)
  • Spirit Airlines in-flight Wrongful Death, 2013
  • American Airlines Flight 383, 2016
  • Aerovias de Mexico, S.A. d/b/a Aeromexico – Durango, Mexico July 2018
  • Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing 737 Max 8 – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 2019

Our attorneys understand the process of investigating aviation accidents. We are familiar with the various regulations and procedural requirements at the federal, state, and international levels of investigating and reporting plane crashes. Our team understands how to protect your rights and interests. Whether your case goes to trial or not, we are prepared to maximize your verdict or settlement.

Who Investigates Aviation Accidents In The U.S.?

The National Transportation Safety Board was established in 1967 to investigate all aviation accidents in the United States. The NTSB is an independent agency that has no regulatory or enforcement power but is primarily responsible for investigating civil aviation accidents throughout the country. If the incident takes place outside the U.S., the investigation is primarily handled by the country the plane was in at the time. Aviation accident investigations can take months, although sometimes they can be resolved in a matter of weeks.

How Long Do You Have To File A Lawsuit In Illinois?

In Illinois, victims of personal injury have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim, while families who have lost loved ones also have two years from the date of death to file a claim (735 ILCS 5/13-202). If you were injured on a plane, or in an aviation crash of some sort, contact the Chicago aviation accident attorneys at Power Rogers quickly, because time is of the essence in these claims.

When negligence, recklessness, or carelessness plays a part in a fatal aviation accident, legal action is a possibility. As the family of an aviation accident victim, you can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your loved one. Nothing can bring back your lost loved one, but seeking monetary compensation can help deliver justice and help you bear the financial burden you may now be facing.

Common In-Flight Injuries

Aviation accidents aren’t always catastrophic crashes. Sometimes, passengers are injured while on planes. These are commonly referred to as in-flight injuries. These can be caused by excessive turbulence, seat malfunctions, oxygen mask malfunctions, and failing to respond to emergency medical situations, such as heart attacks.

Trust In Power Rogers

At Power Rogers, our Illinois aviation accident lawyers work hard every step of the process. We know how these situations are investigated, and we know how to prove liability. We take the time to formulate a strategy based on the facts and details of your case. Our team has helped recover more than $5 billion over the course of our 30-plus years in practice. We have a reputation for offering strong, reliable legal advocacy and we aim to help you through negotiations or trial. Call now to learn more about your rights and legal options.

Contact Power Rogers today at 312-210-8411 to discuss your airplane or helicopter accident.

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