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Like nearly every other state, Illinois has long had a workers’ compensation system in place for employees who are injured on the job. And while workers’ comp can provide some much-needed financial assistance in the form of medical bill coverage and lost wage replacement, the system has some serious drawbacks. The available compensation is limited and often inadequate, leaving seriously injured workers without the financial resources they need and deserve.

Thankfully, in certain cases, it is possible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in addition to seeking workers’ compensation benefits for injuries arising from third-party negligence. At Power Rogers, LLP, our highly experienced litigation team has won numerous high-profile verdicts and settlements for clients injured in workplace accidents. We may be able to help you, too.

What Is Third-Party Liability And Why Is It Important?

Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers are generally prohibited from suing their immediate employer for a workplace injury. Worker’s compensation is supposed to be the “exclusive remedy” for work-related injuries, and employers are shielded from liability in exchange for providing benefits. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they do not apply in most cases.

While you cannot generally sue your immediate employer, you can sue a negligent third party that caused or contributed to your workplace injuries. Common examples include:

  • Suing a sub-contractor on a construction site (other than your employer)
  • Suing the manufacturer of a dangerous and defective product that you were injured while using on the job
  • Suing a negligent driver who caused an auto accident (if you are a commercial driver or were otherwise traveling as part of your job)

Our attorneys have the skills, experience and knowledge to help you uncover all available sources of compensation after a workplace injury, and we can help you seek full and fair compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death litigation.

Notable Victories For Seriously Injured Workers

The attorneys at Power Rogers are fierce advocates for our clients, including those who have been seriously injured by third-party negligence in the workplace. Some notable successes include:

  • Securing more than $85 million for a truck driver who needed to have both legs amputated above the knee following a workplace accident in which improperly loaded carbon steel tubing fell off the trailer bed and crushed his legs.
  • Securing $1.8 million for an elevator mechanic who suffered a traumatic brain injury and other severe injuries while working at a Chicago construction site. He was struck in the head by a falling metal stair rail that weighed approximately 85 pounds.
  • Securing more than $8.1 million for the family of a construction worker killed by falling pieces of concrete, and $400,000 for his coworker injured in the same accident.

Not every injured worker can pursue a third-party liability claim, but if you believe you have a case, it is important to discuss your options with an experienced attorney.

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