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Devon C. Bruce Obtains $8.5 Million Settlement for Brain Damaged Client

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Devon C. Bruce, Firm News

Recently, a settlement was approved by the Law Division of Cook County providing a brain-damaged woman with $8.5 Million as compensation for her catastrophic injuries. On June 23, 2010, the Plaintiff, a fifty-five year old female, suffered an arrest and subsequent lack of oxygen while a patient at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

The plaintiff alleged that the cause of her arrest and oxygen deprivation was an occluded tracheostomy tube, which was not addressed in a timely fashion by the Defendant Hospital’s staff. Plaintiff suffered severe brain injury as a result of the prolonged lack of oxygen. Plaintiff’s past medical bills at the time of settlement were approximately $1.8 Million.

The Plaintiff was represented by Devon C. Bruce, a partner at personal injury law firm Power Rogers. “The plaintiff was a patient at Northwestern at the time her trach became blocked, had the hospital staff properly monitored her, the blockage would have been cleared and her injury would not have happened,” said Bruce. “This settlement will provide for the massive expense of the future medical care she now requires.”