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Power Rogers Retained in Megabus Crash on I-65

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2014 | Bus Accident, Truck Accident

Partner Larry Rogers, Jr. has been retained to represent injured passengers on the Megabus crash which occurred on October 14, 2014. Early Tuesday morning, a double-decker bus struck another vehicle on I-65 and crashed onto its side. It was traveling from Atlanta to Chicago, and crashed near Indianapolis in Greenwood, IN. Of the 48 passengers, 26 were injured in the crash.

The crash was caused at 4:30 am, when 22-year-old Logan Thompson allegedly checked his phone and drove off the road. His vehicle, a 2003 Saturn, hit the median, which bounced him back into traffic. The bus struck the car while attempting to swerve. It tipped over the median into a ditch, where it rolled.

The crash stopped traffic on the northbound side of the highway. Fortunately, the most serious injury was a potential broken arm, and no one was killed. Indianapolis police acknowledged that road conditions were not perfect—the road was wet, and visibility was not very good. The bus itself did not seem to be an issue—there were no mechanical issues reported before the incident.

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