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Often, when an individual experiences an injury from a product, it is because of an error during the production stage. If the manufacturers are not vigilant in overseeing the construction of their devices, defects can emerge leading to extensive damages. It is the creator’s responsibility to ensure safe products are placed in the market. If they do not, injured consumers have grounds to file for a manufacturing defect suit.

The most common causes of manufacturing defects are poor material quality and negligence. If an item is made with cheap material, it is more likely to malfunction, placing the consumer at greater risk. If the manufacturer does not pay attention and follow proper procedures in creating something, mistakes can easily arise. This negligent behavior can lead to risk of injury. The courts also view manufacturing defects as a scenario where the production of an item strays from the original, intended design. This form of lawsuit falls under strict liability, which names the manufacturer for being responsible for product liability and all subsequent reparations.

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Common Examples Of Manufacturing Defects

Unfortunately, manufacturing defects occur all too frequently. Defective products are constantly being recalled to reduce damage. However, recalls can come too late. By the time consumers are alerted for potential manufacturing defects, others have already experienced harm and injury. That is why companies need to ensure that products are carefully made and thoroughly inspected before they are released to the public.

Some examples of manufacturing defects include:

  • Using the wrong materials when constructing a product, including screws, bolts, and fasteners
  • Erroneously assembling materials and parts
  • Incorrectly installing wires and circuitry
  • Using harmful chemicals during the production process

These can all lead to extensive damage and injury. That is why manufacturers have a responsibility to offer safe products.

Skilled Legal Representation That Puts You First

Manufacturing defects, although common, can be difficult to prove. The plaintiff must be able to show that an injury occurred because something was wrong with the make of a product. This can be hard to do if the product itself is unrecognizable after the accident. You need experienced representation who knows how to handle these cases. At Power Rogers, we know what to look for to prove an item was manufactured incorrectly. We use the malfunction doctrine to help our clients’ cases. This doctrine allows a plaintiff to prove a manufacturing defect caused an accident and eliminate other causes.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to an incorrectly constructed item, you may have grounds for compensation. Contact our experienced Chicago manufacturing defect attorneys for a free consultation. We will inform you of your legal rights and help you take the steps needed for restitution.

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