Why Are Improperly Loaded Trucks Dangerous?

Power Rogers | Apr 22, 2016

Why Are Improperly Loaded Trucks Dangerous?
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Workers in the trucking industry have a duty to make sure the trucks are loaded properly to help avoid an accident. Unfortunately, safety standards are not always followed. Workers who load trailers improperly can cause major injuries to others. Two major causes of improperly loaded trailers are 1) exceeding the permissible weight limit for the trailer or 2) loading cargo unevenly causing one side of the trailer to be overloaded. When trailers exceed their weight limit or are unbalanced due to improper loading, serious accidents can occur.

The Dangers of Overloaded Trucks

Large commercial vehicles are already heavy and difficult to maneuver, even without loaded cargo. When a commercial vehicle’s weight limits are exceeded due to an overloaded trailer, the vehicle can be much more difficult to maneuver and to stop. A serious accident may occur if the overloaded trailer causes these types of issues with the truck.

For example, a truck may be traveling on a downhill slope and need to stop as a reaction to traffic. If the traffic stops suddenly and the truck is overloaded, it can take longer to brake and the truck may not stop in time. A truck that is too heavy can also jackknife. A jackknife can cause a collision that can injure nearby vehicles and drivers.

The Dangers of Improperly Loaded Trucks

One of the biggest issues with improperly loaded trucks occurs when too much cargo is put on one side of the trailer. This makes for an uneven load and if a truck takes a wrong or sharp turn, the truck may flip on its side.

A truck that has been improperly loaded or overloaded may cause unnecessary wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle including tires, brakes, and more. These are components of the truck that can help prevent serious accidents. The truck driver, the trucking company, and the cargo loaders should pay close attention to what goes into the trailer and how much they are loading in order to avoid a serious incident.

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