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Power Rogers team receives top honors from LawDragon

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Firm News

Power Rogers has yet again received multiple accolades for the hard work and experience of our legal team. The most recent honor comes from LawDragon, a legal resource known for providing guides to the best legal representation available throughout the country.

Every year, LawDragon publishes a list of the best of the best — and all of our attorneys made the cut.

More on the award

The LawDragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers list is a prestigious compilation that identifies the most influential and effective plaintiff consumer attorneys throughout the country. Each year, LawDragon highlights the dedication and accomplishments of lawyers who strive to secure justice for individuals facing daunting legal challenges.

This years honorees include all 13 lawyers at the Power Rogers: Joseph A. Power, Jr., Thomas G. Siracusa, Larry R. Rogers, Jr., Thomas M. Power, Devon C. Bruce, Joseph W. Balesteri, Sean M. Houlihan, Carolyn S. Daley, Jonathan M. Thomas, Kathryn L. Conway, James I. Power, Robert R. Thomas, and Dominic LoVerde.

Criteria for selection

Lawyers named to the LawDragon 500 list exemplify the highest standards of the profession. Their selection is based on:

  • Rigorous peer and client reviews, and
  • An assessment of notable victories and settlements.

These attorneys have not only mastered the art of litigation but also demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their clients. They stand out for their ability to navigate complex legal systems, working to protect consumer interests.

Impact on the legal profession

Being named to the LawDragon 500 holds significant weight within the legal community. It is not just an honor; it is a testament to a lawyer’s professional integrity and legal acumen.

The LawDragon 500 distinction reflects more than personal success; it highlights the broader contributions these lawyers make to the legal profession and to society as a whole. It is an honor that carries with it both recognition and responsibility, underscoring the pivotal role that these legal professionals play in the pursuit of justice.