Larry Rogers, Jr. and Kathryn Conway Obtain $7.75 Million for Injured Cyclist

Larry Rogers, Jr. and Kathryn Conway Obtain $7.75 Million for Injured Cyclist
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Recently Larry Rogers, Jr. and Kathryn Conway secured a $7.75 Million settlement on behalf of their client who was partially run over by a truck while riding her bicycle in Chicago.

On August 7, 2013, Plaintiff, then 32 years old, was riding her bicycle with her cousin northbound on Kedzie Avenue, near its intersection with 47th Place, in Chicago, Illinois. As she was beginning to cross 47th street riding her bicycle from the sidewalk into the crosswalk at its intersection with Kedzie, a large truck, driven by Defendant and owned by Woodharbor Molding and Millwork, Inc., made a right-hand turn, striking the Plaintiff, knocking her to the ground, and dragging her several yards. The Defendant driver testified that he did not see the Plaintiff when making his turn, but that nothing should have obstructed his view. Through the timely pursuit of videotape surveillance from the surrounding businesses, Plaintiff’s counsel were able to demonstrate that the Plaintiff entered the crosswalk first, had the right-of-way, and that the Defendant truck driver struck her without slowing his vehicle.

The Plaintiff suffered multiple, nondisplaced fractures to her pelvis as well as a large laceration across her abdomen that extended down to her groin. Plaintiff underwent several surgeries in order to repair the laceration, as well as the utilization of a diverting colostomy. Plaintiff was left with significant scarring and asymmetry of her abdomen and may or may not continue to require the use of the colostomy. Additionally, having remained conscious during the traumatic event, the Plaintiff experienced significant PTSD symptoms.

After lengthy negotiations mediated by the Honorable Donald P. O’Connell, a settlement was reached. The case had been pending before the Honorable Judge Joan Lefkow in the Northern District of Illinois.

“The failure to keep a proper lookout for this cyclist led to catastrophic consequences,” said Larry Rogers, Jr. “As a result of this truck driver’s negligent failure to watch where he was going as he made this right-hand turn, this young lady’s life has been changed forever. Hopefully this settlement will allow her to secure the medical care and psychological counseling she needs to return some degree of normalcy to her life.”

“This settlement can never undue the tragedy that occurred, but we are confident that the funds recovered will enable our client to obtain the future medical care she requires,” added Kate Conway.

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