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Larry R. Rogers Jr. Secures $38.25M Settlement for Truck Accident Victim

On Behalf of | May 20, 2019 | Car Accident, Firm News, Larry R. Rogers Jr., Personal Injury, Truck Accident

Power Rogers Partner Larry R. Rogers Jr. recently secured a $38.25 million settlement on behalf of a young man who was seriously injured in a commercial trucking accident.

The settlement stems from the personal injury claim of a 24-year-old young man who, while driving on Interstate 80 in September 2017, was struck by a tractor-trailer that had been rear-ended by another commercial truck. The incident occurred on I-80 near Mile Marker 29 in Chesterton, Indiana.

About the Case

The tractor trailer driver had been operating a commercial motor vehicle as an alleged employee of a national trucking company. While traveling west on I-80 several vehicles behind the victim’s car, the driver lost control of his vehicle and rear-ended another tractor-trailer, causing it to jackknife on the Interstate and collide into the victim’s vehicle.

As a result of the collision with the jackknifing truck, the 24-year-old victim’s vehicle spun off the roadway and onto the shoulder. The young man, who became trapped in the driver’s seat, suffered a traumatic fracture of his spinal cord, which resulted in lower extremity paralysis.

By focusing his investigations on the tractor trailer operator’s medical background and history of prior collisions and moving violations, as well as his employer’s knowledge of this history and poor training of its drivers, Attorney Rogers was able to highlight how the driver’s negligence and his employer’s poor training and management precipitated the multi-vehicle collision. He also emphasized the substantial injuries and future losses the young man endured as a result of his profound and permanent injuries.

Ultimately, Attorney Rogers was able to effectively negotiate a settlement of $38,250,000.00. The recovery fully accounts for our young client’s considerable damages, including his lost income and future earnings, his past and future medical bills, and his pain and suffering.

A Chicago Injury Firm Fighting for Victims & Families

Our firm applauds Larry R. Rogers Jr. on his ability to resolve this case, despite its legal complexities, in the most positive manner possible, and help secure the financial resources our this young man needs and deserves. Large recoveries like these are indicative of tried-and-true trial attorneys who leverage experience and unwavering determination when fighting for their clients.

We hope the incident serves as a reminder to all trucking companies and tractor trailer drivers of the importance of proper training and employing safe operating procedures to prevent the devastating injuries to innocent people traveling on the roadways.

As a firm that fights for victims and families across Chicago and beyond, we know truck accidents commonly have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. It is more often than not the negligence and failures of trucking companies, their tractor-trailer operators and drivers, and their dispatchers and employees which cause collisions with devastating consequences for innocent people traveling around them. If you or someone you love would like to learn more about our firm and our work handling these matters, contact us to speak with an attorney.