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Shoulder dystocia is a rare but dangerous event that occurs during labor, characterized by either one or both of the baby’s shoulders becoming caught in the mother’s pelvic bone. During normal deliveries, after the baby’s head emerges, his or her body turns so that the shoulders can pass safely through the opening. However, with shoulder dystocia, the shoulders can become stuck behind the front pubic bone. Although rare, it can cause extensive harm and damage to both the baby and mother.

It is the doctor and midwife’s responsibility to act quickly if shoulder dystocia does take place. If they do not respond appropriately, they can be placing both their patients at risk. At Power Rogers, we understand the intricate proceedings of a birth injury case.

If your baby has suffered a shoulder dystocia injury, we can help you take your case to trial and seek the compensation you deserve. Call 312-210-8411 today.

Causes Of Shoulder Dystocia

Many factors may cause shoulder dystocia. The main culprits for the situation are if the baby is particularly large or the mother’s pelvis is too small and cannot widen properly. These both can lead to the baby’s shoulder being trapped and problems with the delivery. The doctors should track the growth of the baby regularly and check to see if the mother has enough pelvic space for safe labor.

Other symptoms a doctor should be aware of include:

  • The mother is obese
  • The mother has any form of diabetes
  • The baby is overdue
  • The mother has experienced shoulder dystocia in prior births
  • The mother is having more than one baby

Doctors should take proactive measures to ensure safe labor. If they fail to do so, you and your baby might suffer.

Dangers Of Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia can be dangerous to the mother, but especially the baby. The combination of a baby being stuck in the birth canal, while the mother forcefully tries to push, can lead to injuries to both parties.

The danger the baby faces includes:

The danger the mother faces includes:

  • Tearing of the cervix, vagina or rectum
  • Blood loss
  • Bruising in the vaginal area
  • Rupturing of the uterine wall
  • Bladder damage

Why You Need Experienced Birth Injury Attorneys On Your Side

Birth injuries are serious and have the potential to impact you and your baby for the rest of your lives. At Power Rogers, we understand how important it is for both baby and mother to be healthy after delivery. If you or your baby has suffered because your doctor failed to properly care for injuries caused by shoulder dystocia, contact our experienced Chicago birth injury lawyers today. We have collectively won our clients over $5 billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.

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