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Errors In Inducing Labor
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On average, women carry their children for nine months before giving birth. When the expecting mother fails to go into labor after the due date, doctors will usually induce labor to help extract the baby. The common drug used to help induce labor is Pitocin. It is a pharmaceutical drug used to accelerate contractions and allows a woman to have a natural birth, rather than resorting to a cesarean section. However, labor induction comes with great risks. If a doctor is not diligent in monitoring the dosage of Pitocin, they can put both the mother and baby at risk.

If you or your loved has experienced injuries because of labor induction errors, it is important that you seek legal counsel. Doctors must be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof. At Power Rogers, we have an experienced legal team who is prepared to handle birth injury cases regarding errors in inducing labor.

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Risks Of Labor Induction Errors

While labor induction might be necessary to help a mother and her child, it can be a dangerous process if the doctor mishandles the procedure. Many use Pitocin as a drug to induce labor. While it has been known to work, it does not come without risks.

General risks of induction include:

Both mother and baby are in a vulnerable position when labor needs to be induced. Doctors must monitor both individuals to make sure they do not administer too much Pitocin or for too long. In either case, the blood flow to the placenta decreases, causing the potential risk of hypoxia or anoxia.

Other injuries to the fetus include:

Injuries to the mother include:

  • Pelvic hematoma
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Death

Why You Need Experienced Legal Representation

Hospitals look to protect their doctors and themselves from any suits filed against them. They know how expensive their mistakes can be. However, if a doctor or nurse was negligent or made mistakes while inducing labor for a mother, they must be held responsible. At Power Rogers, we have helped some of our clients recover multimillion-dollar results in settlements and verdicts. That is because we genuinely understand the damage and pain birth injuries can cause.

Since we opened our firm, we have helped our clients obtain the outcome they deserve. We take the time to get to know clients as a person and understand their history and what brought them to our office. For us, they are not just another case number. Rather, they become individuals we care about. Our commitment to our clients has led us to recover over $5 billion collectively. We are so confident in our dedication, we do not charge clients unless we win.

If you or your child was injured because of errors in inducing labor, contact our Chicago labor malpractice attorneys today. We will schedule a free consultation for you and inform you of your rights.

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