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Were You Seriously Injured Because Of Someone Else’s Negligence?

Amputations dramatically change the lives of injured people forever. Whether the amputation was caused by an injury, disease, infection or some other incident, the amputee will need to go through extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation in addition to being fitted for an expensive prosthetic limb. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s actions, you shouldn’t be required to cover all of these costs yourself.

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For decades, our Chicago amputation attorneys at Power Rogers have fought for the rights of injured victims in the courtroom and at the negotiating table in order to secure them the compensation they deserve. Through our efforts, we have recovered more than $5 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients and have earned the top spot on the Chicago Lawyer Annual Settlement Survey for seven years in a row. If you were seriously injured because of someone else’s actions, contact us today to discuss your case and plan out your next steps.

How Can An Amputation Happen?

Amputations can be caused by a number of incidents, ranging from infection to trauma. However, the most common causes of amputations are:

  • Diabetes: Diabetics who struggle with high blood sugar levels have an increased risk of needing an amputation due to the fact that these elevated levels can damage blood vessels and nerves. This damage, also called peripheral neuropathy, can be treated through proper monitoring and care. Failure to do so increases the risk of ulcers forming on the affected areas that can become infected and require amputation to prevent their spread.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): PAD causes fatty deposits to build up in the arteries of the person suffering from the disease, and these deposits can significantly restrict the blood flow to their leg muscles. If the blood flow isn’t restored in a timely manner, the patient could suffer from critical limb ischemia (CLI) which can cause their skin to become dry, cold, pale, shiny and smooth and can result in atrophied muscles, ulcers, sores, gangrene, and may prevent their wounds from healing. In more advanced cases, amputation may be the only way to save the patient’s life.
  • Cancer: Certain bone and skin cancers may require amputation to prevent the disease from claiming the life of the patient if other treatment attempts fail.
  • Trauma: Limbs that are torn off, crushed, seriously burned or injured may require amputation to prevent the spread of infection.

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If someone else’s negligent, reckless or wrongful action resulted in your amputation, contact our Chicago amputation lawyers at Power Rogers. We have represented thousands of clients throughout the Chicago area since we first opened our doors, and through our tireless efforts have recovered more than $5 billion in verdicts and settlements. Fill out our online form to request a free case consultation, or give us a call at 312-210-8411 to speak with a member of our firm today.

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