Protecting Against Financial Ruin with Senate Bill 1912

Power Rogers | Jun 10, 2013

Protecting Against Financial Ruin with Senate Bill 1912
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For a number of families with a child who is permanently disabled, Senate Bill 1912 is a welcomed aid. This bill calls for a timely payment for settlements that are reached outside of the courtroom. It allows the parents of children who were harmed by someone else’s act of negligence to cover the many expenses involved in a timely manner instead of waiting an extended period of time.

Families with disabled children face many financial struggles due to the special needs such as a van that is equipped to make it more accessible, paid home-care, extensive medical bills and physical therapy costs, and home modifications. This can build up on top of the hardships the family already faces. There are some individuals and groups who believe that Senate Bill 1912 is a bad thing and will cause the courts an extensive burden due to settlements being discouraged.

In one instance, Travis Akin of the Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch wrote about Senate Bill 1912 and stated that a family who was compensated for their child’s disabling injury is comparable to a family who won the lottery. This stance was challenged by Gregory L. Shelvin, the president of the Illinois Trial Lawyer Association who called it a “deeply offensive view.”

This bill is not used to overburden the court in anyway. Rather, it is imposed with the idea of making things just a bit easier on families who have already dealt with such a difficult situation. A child with disabilities from a negligent-related accident will have his or her life affected forever; Senate Bill 1912 is used to protect the family from financial ruin.

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