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Joseph Power Profiled in Lawdragon Lawyer Limelight

Power Rogers Founding Partner Joseph A. Power, Jr. was recently profiled in Lawdragon magazine’s Lawyer Limelight, a special feature reserved for the most accomplished and respected trial attorneys in the nation.

The article, which comes after Mr. Power was inducted into the Lawdragon Hall of Fame earlier this year, features an interview with Mr. Power about his career fighting for victims of negligence, his most notable cases, and the record-setting verdicts he’s secured for clients.

Read Lawdragon’s full feature on Joe Power here.

Joe’s Lawyer Limelight interview begins with a discussion about his work litigating some of the most complex and consequential cases, including one notable trucking accident case in which he secured a $100M recovery for a family that lost six of their nine children in a tragic crash. Joe’s work in that matter led to his discovery of not only a defective fuel tank and faulty tailgate welding, but also a massive “licenses for bribes” scandal that led to 76 criminal convictions, including that of a former Illinois Governor, and the retesting of more than 2,000 truckers to ensure proper safety and licensing.

As Mr. Power told Lawdragon, trucking cases have become a big part of his practice because of his willingness to go to trial and his ability to recover damages from other non-obvious liable parties.

“You can't just think of it as a trucking case, because if you just pursue the trucking company, they only have a million in coverage, right? Is there other insurance coverage? You may have a broker involved. You may have various entities, the trailer, the tractor. Who owns them? What’s their culpability, in fact or in law? The Willis case speaks to this. We had a trucking company that said they're not even going to pay their million dollars, and by hook or by crook, we found nine or 10 different defendants who all paid seven or eight figures to settle the case.

One way or another, there are often many entities responsible for a tragedy, and had they acted differently, it would have been prevented.”

The interview goes on to discuss Mr. Power’s first million-dollar verdict, his recovery of the largest medical malpractice verdict in Illinois history, a $55 million jury verdict for a woman who suffered an anoxic brain injury after providers failed to intubate her after she aspirated during a bronchoscope procedure, and the personal bonds he’s formed with many of his clients. As he told Lawdragon:

“We share a bond with all our clients, and it’s always very satisfying to see them living well after going through such tragedies.”

You can read more about Joe Power, his many accomplishments, and his role in our firm’s success record on our website.